Freelance Wrestling, IWTV and Pro Wrestling Tees to Present “In Our Ware House” to Benefit Indie Wrestling

Freelance Pro Wrestling Tees

Freelance Wrestling, in conjunction with IWTV, and Pro Wrestling Tees, set to present “In Our Ware House,” a series of wrestling shows that will allow fans to donate to the performers and continue to support indie wrestling during this period of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.

The week of March 8th – 14th marked one of, if not the toughest week that the sporting world has ever seen. At all levels, atheltics events have been postponed, canceled, altered. Dreams have ended, championships have gone vacant. All around the world, the coronavirus’ impact is being felt in a major way. This is especially true in the independent wrestling world where show cancellations are happening each and every day. And unlike in WWE and AEW, which have their own home venues to move shows to, many of these companies don’t have the same luxury. That means wrestlers are losing income sources and promoters are losing their revenue stream.

But here’s the thing. Sometimes when times are at their worst, people are at their best and as we’ve seen in this past week, there are some extraordinary humans out there who are doing extraordinary things. Take for example Will Ospreay and WrestleTalk, who are putting on a free show on Monday where fans can donate to the wrestlers on the card. Freelance Wrestling is doing the same, having just announced their plans to help wrestlers’ recoup some losses while also being able to give the fans at home, something to entertain themselves.

“Things have been a little crazy lately and it’s affecting everyone, from the NBA to our small independent wrestling shows. A lot of places are cancelling event, which leaves a lot of wrestlers out of work. Most people on the independents work a normal job as well as wrestling, but some, this is it for them. If there’s no shows, there’s no money,” Freelance’s tweet read.

To that extent, Freelance Wrestling in conjunction with IWTV and Pro Wrestling Tees will soon begin hosting weekly live streamed shows from the Freelance Wrestling Academy, housed in the Pro Wrestling Tees warehouse in Chicago. These shows will allow fans to support, through individual PayPal links, their favorite wrestlers as they wrestle live.

“Kind of like a pro wrestling telethon,” the tweet continued. “It may not be much, but it’s allowing these guys and girls an opportunity to make SOME money rather than just sitting at home waiting.”

Freelance said there will be more information in the coming days on when these events will be streaming, and that right now, their priority is helping these wrestlers get money back in their pockets.

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