Preview: Melbourne City Wrestling – MCW Fallout (3/21/20)

MCW Fallout Poster

Despite COVID-19 (coronavirus) running rampant across the globe, Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) is set to forge ahead this Saturday when they return to the sacred halls of the Thornbury Theatre for MCW Fallout.

In order to mitigate the risk of COVID-19, MCW has implemented a range of strategies and extra precautions, including complimentary hand sanitizer, encouraging hand washing and following government health & safety regulations. They have also asked any fans experiencing symptoms to not attend.

Back to the in-ring action though. This weekend will see MCW dealing with all of the Fallout from last month’s show, Clash Of The Titans.

Let’s breakdown what’s in store for the MCW faithful at Fallout.

Mile High Club (Tyson Baxter & Jett Rouka) vs Last Of A Dying Breed (Ritchie Taylor & Mike Burr)


After coming up short against The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London) at Clash Of The Titans, the young team known as Mile High Club (Tyson Baxter & Jett Rouka) look for a new challenge when they take on the battle-hardened Last Of A Dying Breed (Ritchie Taylor & Mike Burr).

These are two teams with contrasting styles in contrasting periods of their career. 

For the youngsters, they’re in the dawn of their careers as wrestlers, having only just graduated from the MCW Academy. Although early in their career, Mile High Club has already impressed many people. In their clash against fellow high-flyers The Velocities last month, Mile High Club faced a very different challenge than they will on Saturday. Come Fallout, Mile High Club will be on the receiving end of a bruising battle rather than a fast-moving, athletic contest.

From the perspective of Last Of A Dying Breed, these two men are veterans of the wrestling scene, meaning they have faced teams of all styles. However, Mile High Club are innovators when it comes to the highly athletic and dynamic style, so they’ll likely bring something new to the party against Last Of A Dying Breed.

In order for Last Of A Dying Breed to be successful, they will need to use their veteran knowledge and their bruising power to ground Mile High Club. Alternatively, for Mile High Club, this match is going to require a stick and move strategy as they hit quick and avoid the power of the veterans.

Emman The Kid vs Punch-Drunk Istria

South Australia’s Punch-Drunk Istria first made his presence known in MCW via video message directed towards Jake Andrewartha. 

Following Andrewartha’s impressive victory, his post-match celebration was interrupted by the message from Istria. In the video, Istria, one of the country’s most proficient technical wrestlers, cheekily suggested that he and Andrewartha should “roll sometime.”

Whilst many fans had hoped that this sparring session would be happening this weekend, Istria is set to be welcomed by a different challenge. Welcoming Istria to MCW will be the instant fan favorite Emman The Kid.

Returning to MCW after a four-month hiatus in his home country of Malaysia, Emman The Kid will be hoping to return with a bang. A victory over the former Wrestle Rampage Australian National Champion would certainly achieve that goal.

The big question remains, will Andrewartha be watching from afar at MCW Fallout or will he want a close-up view?

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Caveman Ugg (c) vs Lochy Hendricks


Following his victorious homecoming against the ‘Hooligan’ Marcus Kool, ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks made it abundantly clear that championships were his next target. Perhaps he could have chosen an easier target for his first attempt at gold though.

This Saturday, Hendricks will challenge the newly crowned MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, Caveman Ugg. After defeating former champion Danny Psycho, the monster Ugg could prove to be one of the toughest champions to overcome in MCW, much like he has been in Sydney with the PWA Heavyweight Championship.

Yuu vs Kellyanne

Before heading off to the US to compete in Ring Of Honor’s Quest For Gold, Kellyanne is set for an international dream match. Squaring off against the leader of the Fiend Club at MCW Fallout will be Japanese sensation Yuu.

Yuu has been competing throughout Japan and across the globe since 2016. During her career, Yuu has competed in promotions such as Sendai Girls, DDT, wXw, EVE, RevPro, ATTACK!, PROGRESS and Frontline. During these appearances, Yuu has battled some of the top women’s talent from around the world, most notably Jordynne Grace, Killer Kelly, Toni Storm, Millie McKenzie, Viper, Charli Evans, Jamie Hayter, Zoe Lucas, Bea Priestley, Meiko Satomura, Asuka and even Kellyanne.

With both ladies at the top of their game, and having experience against each other, the MCW fans are in for a treat of professional wrestling at Fallout.

Star Trash Lovers (Avary & Tarlee) vs Aria & Aysha


The new MCW Women’s Champion Avary will be in action on Saturday when she reunites with her close friend Tarlee, as the Star Trash Lovers.

Star Trash Lovers will be bringing their brand of trashy fun to MCW to battle it out with two ladies who are looking to make 2020 their year. While Aria has been around the scene in MCW, largely as a manager, this weekend at Fallout will mark Aysha’s debut for the promotion.

With both Aria and Aysha fresh on the scene in the MCW Women’s division they will be looking to make a splash. And what better way to that than by picking up a pinfall or submission victory over the MCW Women’s Champion.

Danny Psycho vs Jimmy Havoc

After losing his MCW Intercommonwealth Championship at Clash Of The Titans life isn’t getting any easier for Danny Psycho.

Over the course of the last few months, Psycho has been battling re-emerging demons from his past, in the form of the dark and sinister Edward Dusk. On top of this mental turmoil, Psycho is now set to face one of the most violent men in the world, former PROGRESS Champion and current All Elite Wrestling superstar Jimmy Havoc.

Can the former MCW Intercommonwealth Champion set aside his past demons and focus on the maniacal Havoc? Or will he suffer a horrifyingly gory end at the hands of the AEW star before Dusk can get his revenge?

Speaking of Dusk, how will he factor into this contest?

After months of tormenting Psycho via disturbing videos, he finally revealed his identity at Clash Of The Titans. In the revelatory video, Dusk revealed that he was trained by Psycho, which has led to a resentment between the two. Dusk also vowed to continue the mind games for the foreseeable future.

MCW Tag Team Championship: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) (c) vs The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London)


Finally, the tag team clash that the country has been calling for for months is set to go down. Two of the hottest tag teams finally share a ring together, and the MCW Tag Team Titles are at stake.

For the four-time tag team champions, The Brat Pack, this weekend’s match against The Velocities is a chance to cement their names in the annals of MCW history. Throughout their time in MCW, The Brat Pack has seen off every challenge that has come their way. The Brat Pack have defeated the likes of The Natural Classics (Tome & Stevie Filip), The Loose And The Wreckless (Adam Brooks & Dowie James), TMDK (Marcius Pitt & Slex), Kyle Fletcher & Will Ospreay, The Parea (Eli Theseus & Gabriel Aeros), The Street Gang Hooligans (Alex Kingston & Logan Grey), and SexRock (Elliot Sexton & Jonah Rock). But they’ve never even set foot in the ring with The Velocities. That changes on Saturday.

The Velocities are one of the most in-demand tag teams, not just here in Australia but around the globe. In the last two years The Velocities have competed in CHIKARA’s King Of Trios, all across the UK and are soon to make their debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) in Los Angeles.

The Velocities claim The Brat Pack aren't on their level

The Velocities have had some strong words for The Brat Pack, ahead of their match for the MCW Tag Team Championships at MCW Fallout on Saturday March 21.Tickets on sale now:

Posted by Melbourne City Wrestling on Monday, February 10, 2020

Up in their home state of NSW, The Velocities have ascended to the top of the pile, overcoming teams such as The Nations (Jack J. Bonza & Mick Moretti) and The Babes (Matty Wahlberg & Carter Deems) along the way. Now The Velocities have set their sights on gold in Victoria.

With these two teams out to prove they are the best tag team in the country, this one is guaranteed to be special. Both The Brat Pack and The Velocities have proven they can defeat every other team in the country. Now, at MCW Fallout, it’s time to settle the bitter rivalry that has been brewing amongst them.

Once and for all we will find out who is the best tag team in Australia.

The Brat Pack promise to cement their legacy

A long way to go? The Brat Pack think otherwise, and promise to cement their legacy as Australia's best tag team when they defend the MCW Tag Team Championships against The Velocities in an Australian wrestling tag team DREAM MATCH at MCW Fallout on Saturday March 21.Tickets on sale now:

Posted by Melbourne City Wrestling on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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