Preview: PROGRESS – Chapter 99 (12/15/19)

PROGRESS Wrestling brings its brand to Sheffield for one of the best looking Sheffield lineups to date.  PROGRESS Chapter 99 With A Flake, Please features Meiko Satomura defending her women’s championship, Eddie Dennis defends against David StarrIlja Dragunov and Cara Noir go at it one more time and much more.  Chapter 99 is sure to help close out the year strong for PROGRESS.

Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr) vs Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

CHapter 99
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The GYV are sure to get a tune-up win here over the always entertaining, but not always winning, team of the Anti Fun Police.  GYV are one of the only established teams in the division so it’s almost certain they’re being heated up for another clash with Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis.

Mark Andrews vs Primate

The heel Andrews will be yeeted around the ring by his much more powerful opponent and that’s never a bad thing.  This is Primate’s first PROGRESS appearance in five months following his last appearance where he lost a street fight to Paul Robinson.  Andrews will probably win but hopefully, Primate takes some lumps out of him.

2 Out Of 3 Falls – Cara Noir vs Ilja Dragunov

Chapter 99

These two enigmatic characters are currently 1-1 in PROGRESS.  This series of matches has been designed to get over Noir who just recently debuted for PROGRESS.  This time they meet in a two out of three falls match which means we are going to get a definitive winner from this one.  You can’t bet on Pro Wrestling like you can other Combat Sports like UFC and Boxing but if we could we’d bet the house on Dragunov winning this series but putting Cara Noir over big.

Kassius Ohno vs Timothy Thatcher

These two men have waged many wars against one another across the Ocean in America and now they get to add another clash, three years since the last one.  While Ohno has left his indie days behind for NXT he is still one of the fiercest hitters in the game and we have no doubt he will need to pull out every single move in his arsenal to beat Thatcher.  While Ohno went to WWE Timothy Thatcher has stayed loyal to the indies.  He’s based in Europe and has changed his game entirely since the last meeting between these two so it will be interesting to see if Ohno can adjust to the new Thatcher.  Chapter 99 hosts a huge match here that is sure to be the fight of the night and one full of big hits.

PROGRESS Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura (C) vs Jinny

Chapter 99

Meiko Satomura makes defense number two of her PROGRESS Women’s Championship against former women’s champion Jinny.  Jinny earned this match by beating Millie McKenzie at the last show, she was meant to face her rival Toni Storm but Storm was called up for Survivor Series.  With Jinny re-debuting with a darker look and new character it will be interesting to see just how far PROGRESS goes with it.  Satomura is a legend in many fans eyes and a win for Jinny would be huge but it may be wiser to give that win to a younger, uncontracted talent.

PROGRESS Proteus Championship: Paul Robinson (C) vs Chris Ridgeway

Paul Robinson managed to retain against Timothy Thatcher at Chapter 98, with the help of some nunchucks.  Once again PROGRESS have lined up a challenger who the KO or Submission only stipulation will favor.  Chris Ridgeway has spent most of the year in Pro Wrestling Noah and has somehow managed to make his kicks even stiffer.  Robinson is going to get beat up real bad here and that in itself is fantastic but depending on his schedule we may even see Ridgeway which would open up even more possibilities for this title.

PROGRESS World Championship: Eddie Dennis (C) vs David Starr

Chapter 99

Back at Alexandra Palace David Starr had only one goal.  To beat WALTER and become PROGRESS Champion.  On the night Eddie Dennis would cash in his title shot, a shot he earned a year beforehand at Ally Pally.  And Eddie would walk out as champion.  Beyond mere revenge, this is Starr taking on one of the NXT boys he promised to beat to win the world title.  How poetic would it be for the INDEPENDENT David Starr to defeat a WWE talent to win the PROGRESS world title?

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