Raw Highlights Rundown – Seth Rollins Aligns With AOP (12/9/19)


After a week where both shows were an absolute drag, Monday Night Raw was set to hold a live divorce inside the ring. Riveting. However, what could save the show was the Kevin Owens / Seth Rollins angle that got off the ground two weeks ago and somewhat was rather lame last week. Also, Becky Lynch made it clear that she had a debt to pay, which meant the Raw Women’s Champion was FINALLY set to be back on Raw. A week following a handicap match being the highlight of the show, would it happen all over again? Here are the highlights!

Liv Morgan’s “Makeover” Is Coming Soon

After weeks, actually months of speculation, WWE has finally given word on where Liv Morgan is. It was in the middle of the summer when she faced Charlotte Flair on SmackDown and lost, making it clear that when she returns, she was going to be “real”. Now we know that the “makeover” of Liv is coming soon and she will remain on Raw. Hate to be the one to destroy the hope of her joining the Firefly Fun House, but that thought is essentially dead. Excitement should be had for Liv, however, as Raw is in need of more women on their show and she will surely bring a bright glimmer of hope in that aspect.

Seth Rollins Reveals Allegiance With AOP


To be perfectly clear, the fans turned on Seth Rollins. He is not in the wrong here. He has officially given in to what they hoped. Kevin Owens was on the hunt for the Authors of Pain as he carried around the steel pipe that Rey Mysterio had utilized in his feud with Brock Lesnar. Owens called out Rollins who he continued to have suspicions about. Rollins denied it again, but when KO found the AOP in the back, the big reveal occurred. Akam and Rezar beat the life out of Owens after he destroyed their black van, who had someone sitting in the back. Following the beat down, the person that was sitting revealed himself to be Seth Rollins. Rollins hit a curb stomp on Owens before heading to the live crowd and make it clear why he did it.

Rollins revealed to the world that he wasn’t originally aligned with AOP, but as the fans and Kevin Owens continued to believe it and pour it on to him, he felt he had no choice but to make the fans’ assumptions a reality. The three stood side by side as they established themselves as the new force of Monday nights.

Raw MVP: The Kabuki Warriors

Two weeks of domination by The Kabuki Warriors views them as the best part of Raw yet again. This week, their sights were set on Becky Lynch. Lynch has been kept off of Raw television since Survivor Series. Reason? We aren’t too sure. But she has voiced her opinion that she wants to collect the debt of her one fault this entire year, which was a loss to Asuka all the way back at the 2019 Royal Rumble. She has hinted at it for weeks and made it quite clear on Monday night that she wants that revenge. So it was a second handicap in as many weeks with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions taking on a determined challenger. Believe it or not, Becky Lynch faired even better than Charlotte Flair, as despite being dominated far more from beginning the end, locked on the Dis-Arm-Her on Kairi Sane and was about to grab the W.

Before Sane could tap, Asuka pulled both out and began to beat down Lynch with a chair. Then, Sane rose to the top and came crashing down on the Raw Women’s Champion, who was placed on a table on the outside of the ring. Following their match, Charlotte Flair was walking down the hallway as The Kabuki Warriors attacked. They would then proceed by challenging the two to a match at TLC. And while Lynch and Flair would accept, they upped the anty a bit. It will be a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match contested in a TLC match. This should main event the PPV. Great stuff.

Believe it or not, this was an enjoyable show for the most part. Seth Rollins finally giving in to what the fans wanted him to be is spot on, and The Kabuki Warriors have continued to bless our screens yet again, as they seem to have locked into their roles and have become a reoccurrence on these highlights week in and week out.

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