CWA Puerto Rico On the Verge of Collapse?

Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) has gone from the number two promotion in Puerto Rico to uncertainty. The company that had two of their biggest shows in December and January is now suffering a massive exit of talent.

CWA Puerto Rico, the company that was beating World Wrestling Council and creeping up on World Wrestling League seems to be on the verge of collapse. Last week, big talent from the company announced their exit. On those announcements, their main champion, Justin Dynamite, announced the vacancy of the CWA Championship. Other big names where Melvin (producer), Edwin Garcia (booker), Rodrigo Garcia (their main heel), among others.

Photo: Star Roger

Most of these wrestlers were young and brought new levels of popularity for the company. The only name that has been on the air is that of Star Roger. He was their main champion for two years and brought high profile matches and eyes to their product. He joked on social media on the exits, but he still is yet to announce his move.

Robert Díaz, owner of the company, didn’t sound the panic alarm and told fans that they had come a long way to now close. In reality, CWA has known to work with little to no talent and have been able to establish themselves from the bottom.

CWA Puerto Rico Destino 2019

Photo: CWA

CWA next show is Destino 2019. The show is called “Welcome to the End” as if it’s their final show. Star Roger was confirmed for the show, he will wrestle for the CWA Intercontinental Championship (against Leinord White). A match for the vacant CWA Championship was confirmed as well. Other big names for the show where the CWA Tag Team Champions Lynx & Niche, Victor Manuel Rodriguez, Akiles Falcon, Kelony and Mike Nice.

Photo: CWA

The company has a big problem of too many single championships and too little talent. They lost their most popular star in Justin Dynamite and their funding will be more conservative from now on. Although CWA could collapse, agreements with WWL and their experience in working with less talent puts them on a favorable position. Until them, CWA’s collapse seems imminent.