CMLL To Return To Televisa With A New TV Deal

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre announced today their return to Televisa. The Mexican channel is one of the biggest in the country and previously had an agreement with AAACMLL‘s internet streaming might come to an end after the announcement this Tuesday of a new tv deal with Televisa. The company will start to show its Viernes Espectaculares (Arena Mexico Friday shows) starting on March 2. Previously, most Mexican fans watched the Friday night shows through the internet. Moreover, YouTube had almost every re-run of the show after the night of the event.

Televisa previously televised AAA shows, but this deal came to an end when the company jumped to TV Azteca. With TV Azteca, AAA got a one-year contract with the television company paying for all of the production. In Televisa, AAA had created practically a tradition on Saturday evenings. The company had a deal that dated back to the 1990s, with Antonio Peña. The latter in charge of TV production for then EMLL (now CMLL), but transitioned to the newly created AAA.

Head to Head the Biggest Mexican Companies 

What this deal brings is a national TV competition between Mexico’s top promotions. With AAA in TV Azteca and CMLL in Televisa, the biggest companies in Mexico will have a battle for supremacy in the ratings and on national television. AAA has a short amount of time to make the deal work (one-year deal). While CMLL will surely operate at the same level that it was working before.

In the press conference, CMLL told the press that one of the main reasons for the announcement was the Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show that they’ll have soon in March. The legends that are being honored are Salvador Lutteroth (founder of EMLL) and Blue Demon Sr. Moreover, Niebla Roja & Angel de Oro will put their hair on the line against El Terrible & Bestia del Ring (Los Ingobernables). Also announced for such show, former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon, Tetsuya Naito.