Preview: PWA Black Label Presents: The Fight For Black Metal (2/22/19)

After five months, Pro Wrestling Australia’s (PWA) Colosseum tournament finally comes to a conclusion. The Colosseum tournament began back in October when eight of the countries finest wrestlers came together all hoping to claim ownership of the Black Metal Katana. This Friday the final match will see PWA Tag Team Champion partners Jack J Bonza and Mick Moretti clash.

Velo-Cities (Jude London, Paris DeSilva & Mat Diamond) vs. Kelly Gang (Jackson Kelly, Will Kiedis & Sam Osborne)

After coming up short in their PWA Tag Team Championship opportunities last year the Velo-Cities have been on a recruitment drive. They did this by first adding Mat Diamond to the group and more recently unsuccessfully attempting to convince Matt Rogers to jump onboard as their enforcer. This Friday though they look to get back to winning ways within the squared circle as they take on the debuting Kelly Gang. The Kelly Gang have been making a name for themselves around the country in other promotions and looking to immediately make waves in PWA by challenging the top dogs in terms of popularity with the PWA faithful.

Luchi vs. Mikey Broderick

Since going TMDK, Mikey Broderick has been tearing through the competition in PWA and will look to continue that this weekend as he challenges the ‘Eco Warrior’ Luchi. Luchi is coming off a stinging defeat to PWWA Champion Shazza McKenzie at the last show ah will hope to right the ship with a decisive victory on Friday. The big question will be is his mind fully focused on Broderick or is he preoccupied with his political campaign to become PWA Sanitation Commissioner? 

Ricky South vs. Unsocial Jordan

During PWA Black Label Presents: Diego’s Last Show feat. Jimmy HavocRicky South attempted to give Diego a warm send-off with a lap dance but the curmudgeonly and anti-adult-content Unsocial Jordan rudely interrupted. and kicked Diego. With Ricky South now feeling oppressed he is now looking to avenge his friend Diego by demolishing Unsocial Jordan and all of SMS.

Shazza McKenzie vs. Tyler Payne

After almost a year to the day, Shazza Mckenzie looks to exact some revenge against Tyler Payne. PWA Tag Team Championship Tables, Ladders and Chairs match between the Choc Blockers (Big Fudge & Shazza McKenzie) and SMS (Unsocial Jordan & Snapchad) the man then known as Snapchad, but now known as Tyler Payne, hoisted Shazza McKenzie up and drove her down with a Michinoku Driver from the apron through a table to the floor. A victory here would see McKenzie continue to prove she can hang with the boys as she looks to climb the ladder towards a PWA Heavyweight Championship opportunity against Caveman Ugg.

The BABES (Matty Wahlberg & Carter Deams) vs. Black Shirt Cool Group – BSCG (Concrete Davidson & Mystery Partner) 

Last month as Matty Wahlberg was preparing for his main event death match with Jimmy Havoc his fellow BABES members Carter Deems and Harley Wonderland had to sub in for the regular Beer Pong Challenge, which they subsequently lost to some Concrete Davidson and ‘Dan the Fan’. Wahlberg who is ultra-competitive has taken offense to the ridicule the BABES have received for their loos and is looking to protect his reputation this Friday by decimating the Black Shirt Cool Group (BSCG) before it can even be established in PWA. The biggest question here is, who will be the second official member of BSCG?

PWWA No. 1 Contendership: Jessica Troy vs. Candy Lee vs. Xena vs. Bel Pierce

With current PWWA Champion Shazza McKenzie setting her sights on further glory and the PWA Heavyweight Championship there is a group of ladies just waiting to capitalize on the unfocused champion. This Friday these women will look to define the rankings by determining a new PWWA No. 1 Contender in a fatal four-way match. Featured in the match is Jessica Troy, who is always in contention and is coming off a big win against Michael Spencer last month. Also competing are the rising stars Xena, Bel Piece and the debuting Candy Lee from New Zealand.

Colosseum Final – The Fight For Black Metal: Jack J Bonza vs. Mick Moretti

The Fight For Black metal pits Green vs Red, Chaos vs Order, Brother vs Brother. For months the tensions have been rising between the PWA Tag Team Champion partners Jack J Bonza and Mick Moretti. The cracks between the Four Nations members first began to appear when the crowd suddenly started cheering for Moretti whilst booing Bonza, and as the cheers and boos have increased in volume so too has the size of the cracks between the pair. This Friday Bonza and Moretti will be able to release the tension as they square off in on the biggest matches in PWA history.