Preview: ICW 8th Annual Square Go! (2/24/19)

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Who’s ready for a Square Go? Insane Championship Wrestling are on their way to the SWG3 in Glasgow for their annual over the tap event. Alongside the four huge championship matches, the main event will see the namesake contest. 30 entrants, 5 weapons, 1 golden opportunity. By the end of the night, it’s very possible that the entire landscape of ICW could be turned on its head.

ICW Women’s World Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Toni Storm

Photo: ICW

Kay Lee Ray‘s third reign as the Women’s World Champion may very well be coming to a halt as she comes up against the current NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm. The first lady of The Filthy Generation became a record-breaking three-time champion back in December at Fear & Loathing XI, as she defeated Viper in a brutal Queen of Insanity Match by tapping her out with a barbed wire-assisted crossface. After both ladies tore into each other, it looks as if they’ve finally reached a mutual level of respect. As tough as that match was for KLR, she could be in for an even tougher challenge on Sunday evening. Right now, Toni Storm is on top of the world, reigning over the women’s division of NXT UK as their champion. As well as that, she was the victor of last year’s WWE Mae Young Classic, putting her up there as one of the best women’s wrestlers in the entire world. Hell, one of the best wrestlers in the world period. Her return to ICW could see her adding more gold to her collection, but don’t bet on it. As a member of The Filthy Generation, KLR always has a trick or two up her sleeve.

Prediction: Kay Lee Ray

ICW Tag Team Championships: The P.O.D (Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith) (c) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

Photo: ICW

The other two active members of The Filthy Generation will be looking to capture their first set of ICW Tag Team Championships with The Kings of Catch challenging The P.O.D. There’s no denying the popularity of Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan right now – they were two of the hottest young talents in the UK before teaming together, and now they’re one of (if not, the) greatest tag team in the UK right now. So when they lost that TLC Match at Fear & Loathing XI, the fans felt as if they’d been robbed. Lewis Girvan even went ‘taps aff’ because he was certain he and Aspen were about to win. Then The P.O.D won. And won the tag titles the same night. Everyone in the Hydro couldn’t believe their eyes. This was the moment for The Kings of Catch, it was their time. Now, this isn’t a complaint towards Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith in any way, shape, or form. You don’t need me to tell you how talented they are. But when you put them against Aspen and Lewis, there’s a clear fan favourite. Sunday night will be the moment The Kings of Catch ascend their throne and make their mark in the history books of ICW.

Prediction: The Kings of Catch

ICW Zero-G Championship: Joe Coffey (c) vs Ilja Dragunov

Photo: ICW

It’s a match that looks set to be pure Gallus. Joe Coffey, Ilja Dragunov, Zero-G Championship. There’s no need to tell you how great of a match this will be. You can just tell. The Iron King won his first taste of Zero-G gold back in December, besting brother Mark in quite the battle. He was the one to lay out the challenge to the Russian sensation for a title match at the Square Go!, not one to shy away from a challenge when he sees one. It may look as if Coffey is confident heading into this one, but I’m personally not sure if he’s really prepared for what Ilja’s got in the tank. The former wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion has been making waves for a while now and is a name associated with big money matches. Take his PROGRESS match with Pete Dunne for example – it was billed as the biggest match in European wrestling. We know exactly what both Ilja and Joe are capable of when given the right opportunity. The champion’s on a wave of momentum right now following his participation in the main event of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool and with this being his first championship defence, don’t expect to see The Iron King giving his throne up quite yet.

Prediction: Joe Coffey

ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Lionheart (c) vs Angelico

Photo: ICW

When Lionheart finally won the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from Jackie Polo at the Hydro, he made his intentions crystal clear – he wanted to defend the title against the very best the world of professional wrestling had to offer. He’s stayed true to his promise so far, with both Shigehiro Irie and Jody Fleisch stepping up to challenge the face of ICW. Both failed in their mission, but both contests were superb. Lionheart’s next challenger comes in the form of a man who proclaims to be half man, half amazing. It’s South African sensation Angelico. The acrobatic daredevil appeared for ICW last July, defeating Mikey Whiplash in a showstealing contest on night one of Shug’s Hoose Party 5, and now he wants to cement his position within the company. His first appearance for ICW was also the same night Lionheart first defeated ‘Just Justice’ Jackie Polo, the match that set Lionheart on the path to where he is today. Any of the matches on this card could very well be a match of the year contender, but keeps your eyes on this one in particular. Just another example of why Lionheart is one of the best in the country right now.

Prediction: Lionheart

8th Annual Square Go! Match: Aaron Echo, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Andy Wild, Grado, Jimmy Havoc, Kenny Williams, Kieran Kelly, Krieger, Krobar, Leyton Buzzard, Liam Thomson, Lou King Sharp, Mark Coffey, Paxxo, Red Lightning, Viper, and Wolfgang will enter

Photo: ICW

The big one. The match that can change the career of any ICW wrestler. It’s the Square Go! Match – 30 people will enter, 5 of them will bring a weapon to the ring, and only 1 will walk away with a future World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. At the time of writing, over half of the entrants have been announced – Aaron EchoAlexander Darwin MacAllan, Andy Wild, Grado, Jimmy Havoc, Kenny Williams, Kieran Kelly, KriegerKrobar, Leyton BuzzardLiam Thomson, Lou King SharpMark Coffey, Paxxo, Red Lightning, Viper, and Wolfgang. This year’s match feels so unpredictable, and I’m loving it. Last year, it was really only Stevie Boy or Joe Hendry that was winning it. Now, there are at least four guys in with a shot of being a viable winner – Joe Hendry, Kenny Williams, Andy Wild, and Red Lightning. Sure, it’s not a huge upgrade, but it’s still something. Personally, I think this year belongs to The Prestigious One. He’s on a roll like no-one else at the moment and with Team Dallas having his back, there’s no stopping him.

Prediction: Joe Hendry