Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 84: Eskeewd Beef! Have Anybody Got Any Bokkle Oran Doove (2/24/19)

PROGRESS bring us a World title match with great potential as Chris Ridgeway steps up to face WALTER.  PROGRESS has been back on form lately and hopefully, they can continue their run of good shows with Chapter 84.

Match 1: Trent Seven Atlas Division Open Challenger


Probably Shingehiro Irie but could be anyone.

Match 2: Millie McKenzie vs Bea Priestley


Two women who haven’t been seen in PROGRESS for a while will be looking to reinsert themselves into the title picture.  Both women have spent time in Japan, Priestley with Stardom and Mckenzie with Sendai Girls and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, McKenzie even won the Sendai Junior Championships.  Both have also wrestled for almost every top company in the UK.  Two talented female performers will do battle as they look to climb the ladder to face Jordynne Grace.

Match 3: Jinny vs Nina Samuels 


Former teammates, now bitter enemies.  Nina Samuels was a member of Jinny’s House Of Couture faction that helped Jinny claim the PROGRESS Women’s championship.  When it benefited Jinny she got rid of her former team to reside with her former manager Laura Di Matteo.  Samuels and Charlie Morgan weren’t happy at being cast aside and have spent the months since then taking the fight to Di Matteo and Jinny.  Tensions have been brewing between the two and they finally come to a head at Chapter 84

Match 4: Mark Andrews & Mark Haskins vs Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo & Spike Trivet)


Two people who have suffered at the hands of DNR and their mission to eradicate the “dinosaurs” from PROGRESS. join forces to fend off the rogue faction.  Andrews was attacked by DNR months ago and hasn’t been seen since, while Haskins is out for payback after they laid hands on his wife Vicky.  Mambo and Trivet have been chosen to represent DNR in this one, both are members of Escaping The Midcard and have joined forces in more than one promotion.  With DNR you can never be guaranteed a fair match and the task of Haskins and Andrews to fend off all four members may be too much for even them to handle.  Two former PROGRESS Champions fight for their spot as the new guys gun for the spots they feel they deserve.

Match 5: Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks


The match we were meant to get at NXT Takeover: Blackpool comes to the Electric Ballroom in a rematch of Devlin’s PROGRESS debut, Banks won that contest but in the time since that match Jordan Devlin has become Europe’s best wrestler and arguably one of the best in the world.  Both men are on completely different career paths now than in their first match so this will be better and much closer than their first match.  Banks is a former PROGRESS champion and has fended off some of the world’s best in his time in PROGRESS, can he add the Killer Import to that resume?

Match 6: PROGRESS Tag Team Championships: Swords Of Essex (Will Ospreay & Paul Robinson) (c) vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)


A rematch from Unboxing when Ospreay’s surprise return led to the Swords defeating Aussie Open for the tag team championships.  Last time these teams fought Aussie Open was surprised and had no time to prepare for their opponents.  This time they go in with time to make a game plan and a desire for revenge.  In terms of experience, Ospreay and Robinson have been a team for much longer than Aussie Open but Aussie Open are much more united.

Match 7: PROGRESS Championship: WALTER (c) vs Chris Ridgeway


WALTER has been the unstoppable OTT champion for months.  There are no more challenges waiting for him.  PROGRESS have seen a challenger emerge as Hard as F**k Chris Ridgeway called out WALTER and wanted his title.  Ridgeway has been bubbling away in PROGRESS after getting to the final of the Natural Progression Series and having show-stealing matches with Jordan Devlin and others.  He’s been on a three-match win streak with big wins over Paul Robinson and Shingehiro Irie in the build-up to this match.  WALTER faces his toughest challenger in a while as the hungry Ridgeway has momentum and the talent to present him with a tough challenge.


Fun Fact: The title for this PROGRESS Chapter comes from a line from the BBC comedy series the League of Gentlemen, during a sketch for an orange juice commercial.

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