Gabriel Kidd Suspended From Defiant Wrestling

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At the conclusion of tonight’s episode of Defiant Wrestling‘s Loaded show, general manager Prince Ameen suspended Gabriel Kidd. This came after Kidd had viciously beaten down David Starr in the backstage area, furious at The Product thinking he deserved to be the World Champion over The Young Bull.

Last March saw Kidd take a new lease of life in Defiant, delivering a swift kick to the groin of now-former friend Prince Ameen during the 2018 Magnificent Seven Match. Adopting the new moniker of The Young Bull, Gabe demolished his way through the Defiant roster, picking up victories over names such as Martin Kirby, Simon Miller, and Prince Ameen. Seeing as he was on a roll, Kidd demanded for the Defiant World Championship to be handed over to him seeing as then-champion Rampage was working through an injury. It wouldn’t be that simple and after slapping Primate in the jaw at Fight or Flight, he came face to face with the inaugural Hardcore Champion last December on Loaded. It was here that Kidd aligned himself with Primate’s apparent ally Rory Coyle, with both men having issues with Primate.

After the new duo defeated Primate and Joe Hendry at Unstoppable (which appears to have been Primate’s last Defiant match for the time being while he heads to NXT UK), Kidd has turned his attention back to the World Championship. The Young Bull was enraged that David Starr thought he deserved to be holding that title, seeing as he wasn’t with Defiant through the early days in Warehouse 34. Thus, he unleashed a brutal attack on the man of many nicknames in the backstage area, eventually being dragged away by Man Like Dereiss and Simon Miller’s new assistant Adam Foster. Prince Ameen told Gabe he was suspended as the show faded to black, leaving us with a drastic announcement to end the night’s proceedings.

No word yet on how long Gabriel Kidd will be suspended for, but keep your eyes peeled on the Defiant Wrestling social media pages for announcements. In addition, you can keep up to date with Loaded every Sunday night on the Defiant Wrestling YouTube channel!