Samoa Joe Launches New YouTube Channel

It has become rather commonplace for wrestler’s, even in the WWE, to use YouTube as a platform to entertain fans beyond the ring. Between gaming, working out, blogs, and even music, WWE superstars have a plethora of different hobbies and talents that are noteworthy to be shown to the world, even if not on RAW or Smackdown Live. One WWE superstar who has recently started so is Samoa Joe.

On January 9th, 2019, the former NXT champion created his new YouTube channel, as well as uploaded a vlog entitled “Loop” in which he shows the viewer what a three-day trip of going town-to-town for house show and Smackdown events looks like from his perspective, as well as give his opinions on various hotels, tips for how to find the entrance to arenas (as well as who not to ask), and his disdain for hotel employees that do not respect late checkouts.

Samoa Joe Launches New YouTube Channel

The video currently has roughly 85 thousand views. The channel currently has 17 thousand subscribers. It is fair to say that many enjoyed this vlog. At the time of writing, Joe has yet to upload any other videos, but many wait patiently to see if he has any more construction rants to deliver to us.

If you are interested in the content that some other WWE superstars have posted to YouTube, here is a small list of some channels to check out:

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder‘s “Z! True Long Island Story” is arguably the most famous example, gaining Ryder one of the biggest cult followings in 2012. All of the episodes are uploaded to his channel titled Matt Cardona.

R-Truth has launched a moderately successful rap career with his channel RonKillingsTV. Many of his songs and music videos pass 100 thousand views and he continues to upload to this day.

In late 2016, Erick Rowan started releasing cryptic short videos to his YouTube channel of the same name. While the channel is not very active and not as popular as many others on the list, it is still interesting. It can be horrifying to peek into the mind of Rowan.

Sheamus‘ Celtic Warrior Workouts have found more recent success on the platform. He brings on fellow wrestlers, such as Rusev and even John Cena, to get a glimpse into their intense workout regimes.

Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods turned his gaming channel, Upupdowndown, into a channel that breaks the barrier of a wrestler’s YouTube channel. He’s gained over one million subscribers. Woods shows the more charismatic and fun side of his wrestler guests. He allows the audience to see sides of wrestlers like Baron Corbin and Harper, not displayed on TV.