Preview: Shine 56 (1/19/19)

Shine Wrestling returns on Saturday, January 19th with Shine 56. This one will emanate from WWN’s home of La Boom in Queens, NY as part of a double-header with EVOLVE. The event is set to start at 3:00 PM Eastern, with EVOLVE following at 7:00 PM. Several personal issues will be taken on as well as every title defended at this show. If you can’t make it out to La Boom, it will be streaming live on ClubWWN and Fite.TV.

Dementia D’Rose vs Riley Shepard

The heavy hitter of the Cutie Pie Club, Dementia D’Rose will be in action against the debuting Riley Shepard. Dementia will, of course, be accompanied by Candy Cartwright. The Weapon of Ass Destruction is looking to start 2019 off in a big way. When we last saw her at Shine 55, she unsuccessfully challenged Aja Perera for the Shine Nova Championship. With a new year underway, a win would get her back on track for a title shot in the future. Riley Shepard is making her debut at Shine 56. The Gladiator of the Geeks has a couple years in wrestling under her belt. She initially trained at The Monster Factory and is now working with Damian Adams. Adams has trained stars such as Tasha Steelz and NXT Superstar Deonna Purrazzo. In her short career, Riley has already appeared for RiSE Wrestling, Atomic Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

It’ll be interesting to see how the smaller live-action role-play fan will fare against the powerhouse that is Dementia D’Rose. Riley Shepard could earn a spot in Shine if she’s able to overcome the challenge.

Brandi Lauren vs. Allie Recks

This one is a special challenge laid down by Brandi. These two ladies squared off on opposite sides of the ring in a tag match at Shine 55. Allie teamed up with Willow Nightingale to take on Brandi and Jenna Van Muscles. This match brought Allie her first win in Shine, as she was able to roll Jenna when she didn’t expect it. After the match, Brandi challenged Allie to a one-on-one match. Allie accepted with a smile, and then Brandi also gave Jenna the night off.

Now at Shine 56, we will get these two young women in a true singles contest. Both are similar in terms of years of experience; Allie has been wrestling for five years and Brandi for about three. They also have similar in-ring styles; however, it could be argued that Brandi’s mean streak gives her a little bit of an edge. Will Allie be able to get another victory, or will Brandi prove that lightning can’t strike twice? Find out this Saturday!

No Holds Barred: Jordynne Grace vs. LuFisto

This is the match we’ve been waiting for; ever since Jordynne Grace turned on LuFisto at Shine 54. Jordynne has stated on separate occasions that she felt it was time for LuFisto to pass her the torch and step aside. She also stated that she was tired of listening to LuFisto’s “whining” and having to carry the team herself. LuFisto has been enraged ever since and promises that she is not just going to step aside for anyone.

Jordynne will have the power advantage here as there are few people stronger than Thick Mama Pump. The current PROGRESS Women’s Champion also has youth on her side, being just 22 years old. LuFisto has the experience advantage in spades over her former tag team partner, having been in the business for over 20 years. The two also faced off earlier this year at SMASH Wrestling’s CANUSA Classic, which saw Jordynne come out on top. Due to the severity of Jordynne’s earlier attack, this one was made as a no holds barred match. This is also another nod in the favor of LuFisto as she is referred to as the First Lady of Hardcore.

This one will have a ton of intensity as the former teammates go to war. It also has the potential to steal the show. The only place you can see the battle of Team PAWG is at Shine 56.

Shine Nova Championship Match: Aja Perera (c) w/ Ayla Fox vs. Kiera Hogan

This will be Aja Perera’s second defense of the Shine Nova Championship after winning it at Shine 54. She’s still occupied with the Cutie Pie Club. Aja won the title from Candy Cartwright and defended the title against Dementia D’Rose. Now she will face the Girl on Fire, Kiera Hogan. Kiera will, of course, be accompanied by Candy, while Perera will have Ayla Fox in her corner. These two have tangled most recently in tag team and multi-person matches. However, they did face off in the Shine Nova Championship Tournament. On that occasion, Kiera Hogan was able to eliminate Aja from the tournament. These two women are almost the same age and similar in styles. Usually, the Cutie Pie Club has strength in numbers, but with Ayla Fox evening the odds, that is neutralized.

Shine Tag Team Championship Match: Twisted Sisterz (Thunder Rosa & Holidead) (c) vs. Rainbow Bright (Luscious Latasha & Gabby Gilbert)

Rainbow Bright is finally getting a shot at the Shine Tag Team Championship. They may not have the best win-loss in Shine, but they do pose a strong threat to any opponent. This will be the Twisted Sisterz’ second title defense; they defeated the former champions Las Sicarias at Shine 54. It’s hard to tell who has the advantage, both teams have been together for a number of years. Luscious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert have the size and strength advantage. Thunder Rosa and Holidead have the quickness and agility, as well as Holidead’s unpredictability.

In an interesting note, Latasha and Gabby both gave a shout out to their “new bestie”, Santana Garrett. At Shine 55, Rainbow Bright took on Santana’s long-time rival Priscilla Kelly in a handicap match. Priscilla accused Santana of being behind the booking of that match and this revelation certainly points in that direction. Could Santana possibly be a factor in this match as well? We’ll have to find out at Shine 56.

NYC Street Fight: Priscilla Kelly vs. Santana Garrett

Another chapter is set to be written in the saga between Priscilla Kelly and Santana Garrett. The last time we saw these two, it was a Ybor City Street Fight at Shine 54. Santana was able to come out on top that night. As previously mentioned, Priscilla thought that Santana was behind her being booked in the handicap match at Shine 55.

With Rainbow Bright calling Santana their “new bestie”, they could appear in this match as well. This feud has also made fans question whether Santana truly is wrestling’s Wonder Woman. She’s has had to go to some extreme measures to put Priscilla away in past encounters. Priscilla has also said she would prove that Santana was a fraud. And based on recent events, Priscilla is also not afraid to go to inventive and extreme measures to get the best of her opponents.

Shine Championship Match: Allysin Kay (c) vs. Ivelisse

The main event of Shine 56 will feature a defense of the Shine Championship. Allysin Kay will make her fourth title defense against Ivelisse. After Allysin’s match at Shine 55 against Su Yung, she was challenged by Ivelisse’s tag team partner, Mercedes Martinez. After the challenge had been laid, everyone was informed that at Shine 56 Allysin Kay will defend her title against Ivelisse! Mercedes was incensed to be passed over, whereas AK47 was fine with whoever she had to defend her title against. Allysin and Ivelisse have faced off before, with the Shine Championship on the line in fact. The roles were simply reversed back then, as Ivelisse defended the title in China against Allysin. That match went down during Ivelisse’s first reign, she’s held and lost it since then.

While Ivelisse’s mainstream focus has been on Lucha Underground, she does continue to hustle and make towns across the country. In Shine, she’s been in a bit of a slump, having lost the Shine Tag Team titles. She also was eliminated from the Shine Championship Tournament by her own partner, Mercedes Martinez. The same partner that has since shunned her since being named #1 Contender. Allysin, of course, has been on a tour de force since returning from a scary medical sabbatical in August of 2018. AK47 is bigger and taller than La Sicaria, but Ivelisse may have a slight advantage in experience. This one is sure to be a can’t miss match though, so be sure to tune in.

Shine 56 goes down on Saturday, January 19th at La Boom in Queens, NY. It is part of a double-header with EVOLVE 120. Shine will kick off at 3:00 PM and will stream live on If you have the ClubWWN subscription, you already have access to it! You can also purchase the event on Fite.TV.