OTT Wrestling Must Watch Matches of 2018

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Ireland’s Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling was one of the best promotions on the independent wrestling scene this year.  They have gained exposure thanks to some Match Of The Year Contenders and an atmosphere unlike any other.  Where possible we will provide the matches but all matches are available on OTT’s VOD service.

Homecoming Dublin: “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Keith Lee

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OTT’s first main show of 2018 delivered one of the best matches of the year.  The powerful, charismatic Keith Lee used his strength to hit some unbelievable power moves on Bailey, including a spirit bomb that sent Bailey bouncing off the canvas.  Bailey used his speed and array of kicks to wear down the big man.  This one was a relentless battle as both men went from the kill right from the off.

Contenders 7: Terry Thatcher vs Jonah Rock

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The mountain of a man Jonah Rock came to OTT to take on Thatcher.  The thirteen-year veteran had to use every bit of experience he had to chip away at the monstrous Rock who beat Terry Thatcher black and blue.  This was the beginning of Thatcher’s fairytale run as his resilience as an underdog got the fans behind him.  Rock played his role as the bruising big man very well.

Defiant: Katey Harvey vs Valkyrie

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The first ever all women’s show in Irish Wrestling history saw some of the best matches between Irish women that we have ever seen.  Katey Harvey faced someone that she knows inside out in Valkyrie as the Queen of Irish Wrestling faced the heir to the throne.  On the night the two were intent on proving that women’s wrestling deserved the spotlight it was getting as they wrestled the best match of their lives in front of the very receptive crowd

Contenders 8: Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden) vs Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)

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A change of pace here to say the least.  There are no violent powerhouses, unless Santos counts, and there no one will walk out of this with a purple chest.  If you like comedy in your wrestling then this one is for you.  It is legitimately one of the funniest matches you will see anywhere this year.  Los Federales Santos Jr stands out as being the MVP of the match.  Watch this and get ready to cry laughing.

ScrapperMania 4: Will Ospreay vs Matt Riddle

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This was the match that helped make OTT the name on everyone’s lips.  As can be expected from the two men involved Riddle and Ospreay went all out in front of 2,000 fans who ate it up.  Riddle uses his MMA background to throw Ospreay around and hit some sick strikes, Ospreay uses his agility and underrated striking game to fight back against Riddle’s ground game.  15 minutes of nonstop action between two of the best wrestlers in the world.

Contenders 9 The Hangover Show: Big Hangovers (Jordan Devlin & Sean Guinness) vs Keith Lee & Shane Strickland

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A hungover crowd was treated to a fun match featuring four awesome talents.  Devlin was well established as the Irish Ace and Lee and Strickland ooze charisma so the crowd was very into seeing those three share a ring.  It started slowly as the four lads had fun and were enjoying themselves before turning it up.  Once they went into second gear the match was a non stop action packed tag match with cool spots and some sick chops.

Contenders 9 The Hangover Show: Scotty Davis vs Terry Thatcher

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This match was the finals of the NLW tournament.  The winner was going to become the new NLW Champion, a story-driven match that was set up by a really good hype video.  The heir to the throne Scotty Davis facing the 13-year veteran Terry Thatcher.  An emotional match that wasn’t focused on big spots or hard hits, it was a rollercoaster as the two competitors told a great story that split the crowd down the middle.

Over The Top Wrestling Presents “That Ring Really Tied The Room Together”: Jordan Devlin vs Mark Haskins

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At the time the crowd thought this would be the last ever show at OTT’s home the Tivoli Theatre.  With that in mind, the crowd was hyped and ready to blow the roof off the place one last time.  Just a few months prior to this match these two main evented the National Stadium as Devlin beat Haskins to win the NLW championship.  With Haskins now a heel and Devlin established as The Irish Ace this was an eagerly anticipated rematch between two of the top main event talents in OTT.  They delivered a match that had the rabid Tivoli crowd eating out of their hands.

WrestleRama 2: KUSHIDA vs Shane Strickland

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The ace of New Japan’s junior heavyweight division made his OTT debut against one of the best wrestlers on the US indie scene.  His time on Lucha Underground as Killsot proves that Strickland can work the Junior Heavyweight style very well.  He and KUSIDA meshed very well and delivered a match that would not look out of place on a major New Japan show.

WrestleRama 2: Juice Robinson vs Tomohiro Ishii

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Juice Robinson also made his OTT debut on this show as he had a G1 rematch with “The stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii.  Two of the best talents in New Japan put on a match that at least equalled their G1 clash.  Strong style in spades Ishii and Juice took the fight to each other much to the delight of the OTT fans.

WrestleRama 2: Jordan Devlin vs WALTER

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WALTER became the first man to pin or submit Devlin in Dublin in 18 months! Devlin had never faced anything quite like WALTER who brutalized Devlin, David Starr and Sean Guinness on the road to this match.  At Rama 2 they faced off 1 on 1 for the OTT world championship as Devlin threw everything he had at the powerful Austrian.  From the opening hype package until the very end this was a classic professional wrestling match with one of the hottest crowds you will see anywhere in the world

OTT Fan Appreciation Night: Meiko Satomura & The Rascalz vs MTH (Darren Kearney, LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin)

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More Than Hype are one of the most exciting teams in Ireland.  Made up of three best friends, who are all talented wrestlers in their own regards, they work together with an unmatched chemistry.  The three youngsters received the biggest challenge of their careers as they faced a superteam of Joshi legend Meiko Satomura and one of the best tag teams on the world The Rascalz.  What we got was a crazy trios match full of insane spots, very very hard kicks and balls to the wall action.  One of the craziest matches of the year and one that everyone needs to watch.

OTT Fourth Year Aniversary: WALTER vs Will Ospreay

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Having conquered Jordan Devlin WALTER faced a new challenger.  For months Ospreay made it known that he was after the OTT Championship and this was his chance to take it.  But could he do what Devlin couldn’t and chop down the giant.  Watch WALTER play the big man to perfection against the adopted hero who throws everything he has at the champion.  An improvement on their match from Defiant with a crowd that was desperate to see Ospreay win the gold.

Defiant 2: Sammii Jayne vs Raven Creed

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This women’s championship main evented what turned out to be the actual last Tivoli show ever.  Sammii Jayne won the title at Defiant 1 earlier in the year and was one of the most hated people on the roster.  Despite her obvious talent, she has heel charisma that just makes you want to boo her.  Her opponent on the night was one of Ireland’s hottest prospects Raven Creed, the teal haired rebel impressed fans with her wrestling abilities that were far beyond her years.  The two went to war and blew the roof off the Tivoli as they created one final Tivoli moment

Redemption: Jordan Devlin & David Starr vs Ringkampf

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Jordan Devlin got one more attempt to beat the man that ended his reign.  He got to go to war with WALTER again, but this time they would both have their best friend by their side as the two teams squared off.  Starr is the perfect ally to face Ringkampf as he too knows the pain of chasing WALTER.  The Ringkampf duo were at their best as they went all out to win, they used every bit of expertise they had to wear down their resilient opponents.  Anytime Devlin shared the rin with WALTER there was an electricity in the air as Devlin tried to find that next level to overcome the biggest barrier he has ever faced.

OTT Contenders 12: Calum Black vs Scotty Davis

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Scotty Davis ended this year on a bang as he had some really good matches towards the end of 2018.  One such match was against Calum Black.  Two trainees at Main Stage Wrestling these guys know each other extremely well and the chemistry was off the charts as they delivered a fast paced, hard hitting match that would not have looked out of place in any major promotion.  Black delivered the hard hits, Davis brought the suplexes and the fans were left amazed by the two Contenders.

OTT Contenders 12: Jordan Devlin vs Terry Thatcher

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The Irish Ace vs The Ace of Contenders.  Devlin’s character aw a sudden change in this match, we got a pissed off ace who knows that he’s better than his opponent and makes sure his opponent realizes that fact.  Thatcher, as usual, fought with everything he had to prove himself against the best Irish Wrestling has to offer.  An arrogant star versus Irish Wrestling’s underdog as these two put on a clinic.

OTT Live In Belfast December 16th: Jordan Devlin vs Scotty Davis

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Similar to his match with Thatcher there was an arrogance to Devlin as he wanted to teach the heir to his throne that this is still Devlin’s throne.  Davis used his array of suplexes and kicks to take the fight to Devlin.  Devlin had to use all of his experience and talent to fight off the youngster’s onslaught.  The present faced the future as Davis snatched the torch from Devlin.

OTT had a wealth of must-watch matches from 2018.  They became one of the best promotions in the world as they hosted some of the biggest names in wrestling and put on classic matches on a regular basis.  With PAC vs WALTER already announced for 2019, they are set to kick 2019 off with a bang!


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