FSW No Escape: Hammerstone vs Johnny Morrison/Impact Inside a Steel Cage

FSW No Escape

It’s official. January 25th at Sam’s Town Live, former Future Stars of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone will face Johnny Morrison/Impact inside a steel cage at No Escape. Once again the Fight Capital hosts this tremendous event, and this bout is the culmination of a feud that reached a boiling point when The Business kicked Taya Valkyrie in the face at Beers and Bodyslams in November. Then during the Heavyweight Championship match against Chris Bey, Johnny interfered, exacted revenge, and cost Hammerstone the title. Now the two combatants settle this in one of the most inhuman ways possible, a cage.

FSW No Escape: Hammerstone vs Johnny Morrison/Impact

There are no gloves, rules, and regulations in this cage. This is going to be a blood and guts fight. Johnny is defending his wife’s honor and Hammerstone is looking to exact his own revenge. If he wanted Johnny in the ring he’s got him, and the flesh ripping steel surrounding them. It’s a great match, but it’s also great that bigger stars are wrestling with FSW. They are the leading indie in Southern Nevada and the more stars that come out here to compete the better, so kudos to the FSW team for making it happen, and booking this terrific fight.

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