Indie Wrestler Shawn Phoenix Breaks Face After 450 Gone Wrong

A video has gone viral showing Pittsburgh indie wrestler Shawn Phoenix attempting a 450 splash from the top ropes to a prone opponent on a table on the ground below. Unfortunately, his opponent moved and the table didn’t exactly break his fall, and he hit his head on the concrete ground. The match took place October 20, 2018 at an event for International Wrestling Cartel (IWC).

Indie Wrestler Shawn Phoenix Breaks Face After 450 Gone Wrong

According to Phoenix, he broke his skull, which resulted in bleeding on the brain and has caused him to permanently lose his hearing in his left ear. He spent six days in the hospital before he was released.

While many wrestlers and fans tweeted their well wishes to the indie wrestler, some notable names of course took exception to this “modern wrestling” that was leading to so many injuries.

One of Phoenix’s trainers, Brandon K, immediately went to his student’s defense:

…while Highspots Network took a less diplomatic approach.

Shawn Phoenix has worked for multiple promotions like West Virginia’s Black Diamond Wrestling, Pennsylvania’s IWC and RYSE Wrestling, as well as upstart Blackcraft Wrestling.

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