Monday Night Raw Review (October)


For anyone that didn’t catch last month‘s edition, here’s what’s going on. Each segment that aired during Monday Night Raw this October was graded on a scale of one to ten Woo’s. Every segment received a grade, and that grade was assigned to the wrestlers involved. Every month, these grades will be compiled, and we’ll list the best performers. Here are the best performers from the month of October.

Monday Night Raw Review (October)

Top Ten Superstars

10. Roman Reigns (20)

Honestly, Roman Reigns should be much higher on this list. He’s had a good October. He’s an unpopular wrestler, but he’s getting better every week. The only reason he’s so low on this list is because he took a couple of weeks off and had a couple of bad segments. He literally phoned in his performance on the go-home Monday Night Raw, and he was missed.

9. Curtis Axel (27)

This isn’t a typo. Curtis Axel is in the top ten performers (by Woo-count) for the month of October. He didn’t even register last month, but here he is, ranked higher than the United States Champion. Unreal. He’s a talented worker, and he’s proven to be more charismatic than he’s been given credit for. Hopefully his push continues.

8. Bo Dallas (27)

No, that’s not a typo either. The tenth highest graded wrestler on Monday Night Raw… was Bo Dallas. To be fair, this isn’t because he had a particularly impressive October, but because he had several segments. He just kept showing up, and his segments weren’t bad.

7. Cesaro & Sheamus (29)

These two count as one this month because all of their segments were spent together. The WWE Universe groaned when Mick Foley put them together, but they’ve made it work. Sheamus and Cesaro are two guys that are just different enough to be entertaining. At the end of the month, the reluctant tag team was finally starting to click. Hopefully they win the Tag Team Championships and we get to see more of them.

6. Sasha Banks (31)

Sasha Banks had a big October. She dyed her hair, she hung out with Finn Balor. And oh yeah, she won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. That segment lost some flair because the WWE had already done it on Monday Night Raw, but it was still fantastic. She’s a great champion, and hopefully at Hell in a Cell, she and the next person on this list have a great match.

5. Charlotte (32)

The former champ is fantastic. Charlotte just keeps getting better, and in many ways, is the best heel on Monday Night Raw. As far as someone getting booed for who they are, and not how they’re being pushed, Charlotte has it down. She makes the “Queen” character very, very real, and at points, has seriously outclassed Sasha Banks on the microphone.

4. The New Day (39)

After an iffy September, the New Day rebounded with a fantastic October. Critics said that the trio was becoming stale, but they just upped the ante. Spoilers- But these guys were part of the Segment of the Month for October. These guys will probably hold onto their titles until they break Demolition‘s record, and I don’t think anyone is going to complain about them getting more screen time.

3. Seth Rollins (45)

As fantastic as Seth Rollins is, his face act needs work. Fans didn’t want him to stop being himself, they just wanted him to start fighting the right people. His humor has become a little too John Cena for everyone’s taste, and that could spell trouble. Regardless, he’s still arguably the best worker in the whole world, and his in-ring performances this month proved that.

2. Kevin Owens (46)

Obviously the WWE Universal Champion wasn’t going to be too far from the top. The only reason that Chris Jericho is higher on this list is that he had a phenomenal segment that he wasn’t a part of. Kevin Owens has grown into more and more of a detestable heel, and it’ll be great to see how long this title reign goes.

1. Chris Jericho (55)

In a strange twist of fate, it is not the WWE Universal Champion that sits atop the list, but his best friend. Chris Jericho, who was described on this very website as the greatest of all time, had a fantastic month. The introduction of the “List of Jericho” has been yet another magnificent wrinkle in one of the best characters in wrestling. He had a crazy October, breaking the (admittedly, one month old) record for most Woo’s in a month. He’s off to tour with Fozzy soon, and the WWE Universe will miss him dearly.

Best Segment: Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and The New Day (10/3)

These five men make Monday Night Raw worth watching. Outside of these five, the women, and Seth Rollins, this show can get unbearable at points. But this segment managed to combine storyline with humor, and all five participants employed their exceptional charisma. If you have the WWE Network, this episode should be on there by now, go watch it!

Worst Segment: The Golden Truth & Mark Henry vs. The Shining Stars & Titus O’Neil (10/17)

There’s nothing that can be said about this segment that wasn’t already said. For a while now, members of the WWE Universe have been claiming that SmackDown Live! was the better show, and after this segment, it was hard to disagree. James Ellsworth, a jobber without a chin, is wrestling AJ Styles while a 136 year old tag team had a match with Titus O’Neil and the Shining Stars over some fake watches.

Monthly Grade- 5/10 Woo’s

This month was weird. We had four episodes of Monday Night Raw, but it really doesn’t feel like it. The only storylines that really changed involved Sheamus, Cesaro, Brock Lesnar, and Goldberg. This felt like a transitional month, and even as a huge fan of Seth Rollins, it’s time for him to move away from the title picture. He’s not going to defeat Kevin Owens this weekend, and it’s ruining his babyface push.

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