Predicting the 2016 Slammy Awards

For those who don’t know, the WWE has kayfabe wrestling version of the Oscars called the Slammy Awards. The Slammy Awards are given out every year in December. The categories include everything from “Hashtag of the Year” to “Superstar of the Year”. Without much further ado, here are some predictions about who might be taking home a Slammy.

Predicting the 2016 Slammy Awards

Insult of the Year- Stupid Idiot

Chris Jericho is a genius. He’s brilliant. He’s the greatest of all time. He turned something as redundant as “Stupid Idiot” into the greatest insult in the WWE. Seriously, when Chris Jericho went to call Kevin Owens a stupid idiot last week on Raw, it was an amazing moment.

Hashtag of the Year- #BeatUpJohnCena

Who didn’t love #BeatUpJohnCena? Well, probably John Cena and members of the Cenation. But the rest of the WWE Universe absolutely loved it. Watching Bullet Club Members AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson go on and on about how they were going to #BeatUpJohnCena almost makes up for how poorly Gallows and Anderson have been booked by WWE.

Tag Team of the Year- The New Day

Is there even an alternative? The team of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods, better known as The New Day, have been Tag Team Champions all year. Some people think they’re stale, some people think they’re juvenile, but they’ve put on good matches with every tag team on the Monday Night Raw roster. Say it together now, New. Day Rocks. New. Day Rocks. New. Day Rocks.

Rivalry of the Year- Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Spoiler- This isn’t the last time these two will be featured on this list.
These two have been feudng since the dawn of time. These two feuded for several months, and the fact is that these two steal the show any time they share a ring. This is rivalry of the year because even though they aren’t fighting right now, they are still the most bitter of rivals.

Best Original WWE Network Show- The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness

Some people will argue that the CruiserWeight Classic should win this Slammy. Here’s why they shouldn’t. While the CWC was a fantastic series, does it really count? NXT is technically an original WWE Network show, but it hasn’t been nominated. The iffy resurrection of the “King of the Ring” tournament was on the WWE Network, and it wasn’t nominated either.

The “EACSTTROA” was absolutely delightful. Edge and Christian are still just as funny as they were fifteen years ago, and their humor was appealing to WWE fans everywhere. Their joke was silly enough to make casual fans, but meta enough to appeal to the hardcore crowd. The WWE Universe is still waiting on season two, and a Slammy win might get that ball rolling.

Double-Cross of the Year- Triple H Pedigrees Seth Rollins

This was a turn that the WWE Universe has been waiting for since Seth Rollins joined The Authority. Seth Rollins had been teasing a babyface turn for months, and when Triple H finally turned on him, it was as good as done. Nobody knows for sure when these two will lock up, but it should be an outstanding match.

Extreme Moment of the Year- Shane McMahon at WrestleMania

Anybody jumping off of 20 foot cage? Insane. A 46 year old non-wrestling jumping off of a 20 foot cage? That’s extreme. When Shane McMahon returned to the WWE earlier this year, fans were happy to see him. They weren’t as thrilled about his match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania, but they were excited to see the oldest McMahon child attempt one last crazy stunt.

Women’s Superstar of the Year- Charlotte

There’s really no alternative here, right? Charlotte hasn’t lost at a pay per view (yet) this year, and she’s spent most of it as WWE’s Women’s Champion. She has improved by leaps and bounds in and out of the ring this year, and if anyone else wins this award, then the Slammy’s are even more of a sham than we thought they were.

Superstar of the Year- AJ Styles

This time last year, AJ Styles in the WWE seemed like a fantasy. TNA? Sure. Ring of Honor? Of course. But full time with WWE? Never. The WWE would bury AJ Styles. He would just be another indy darling that didn’t make it.

But, fast forward to 2016, and it’s a different story. Ever since The Phenomenal One debuted at the Royal Rumble, he’s been outstanding. He had a great feud with Chris Jericho, got the best out of Roman Reigns, and he… #BeatUpJohnCena. He is the WWE World Champion, and while he might be having a pseudo-feud with jobber James Ellsworth right now, he is arguably the best wrestler in the world. Mr. TNA… WWE Superstar of the Year? Crazy.

Match of the Year- Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn at Battleground

This match was incredible. The in-ring action was thrilling, the story was compelling, and by the end, you knew that even the Shield triple threat couldn’t follow it. The feud between these two men has been going on since 2009, and for the sake of the WWE Universe, let’s hope they fight forever.

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