Arsenal and Chelsea Fight Over ‘World-Class’ Player Who Wants to Leave ‘Immediately’

Moises Caicedo, transfer target, dribbling against Leicester City

Arsenal and Chelsea are finding themselves fighting over another player in this transfer window, with a Moises Caicedo transfer becoming increasingly likely. According to transfer guru Fabrizio Romano, the midfielder didn’t turn up for training on January 28 and wants a move immediately. His international manager said that he sees Caicedo as a “world-class” player in the making.

Moises Caicedo Transfer Likely as Player Wants to Leave Immediately

What Does Missing Training Mean?

Thanks to the power of football contracts, players have relatively few ways of forcing themselves out of their clubs. Moises Caicedo is using one of these tools as he missed training with the side recently. This is a very clear sign that he wants a move out of the club, and there is plenty of interest surrounding him. As a strategy this doesn’t always work, but clubs very rarely want to keep assets that are a waste of resources. He’s also made a very public plea to leave the club, noting the money that he could earn for Brighton & Hove Albion.

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Who is Bidding for Moises Caicedo?

Whether this ends in a Moises Caicedo Arsenal transfer or a successful Chelsea Moises Caicedo bid, there are plenty of options as clubs are buzzing around the Brighton midfielder. According to Fabrizio Romano, the Blues offered £55 million for the midfielder with the Gunners providing a bid of £60 million for the Seagulls leadership to consider. No bids have been accepted as yet, but there are plenty of options around for the club to consider and the London clubs have more than enough money to force a move.

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Which is the Best Move for the Player?

The options available to the Ecuadorian are incredibly enticing. A move to Arsenal could see him secure a Premier League winners’ medal within a few months of being at the club, where Chelsea offers a clear project for a young player looking to grow. Whether Mikel Arteta or Graham Potter are successful, Moises Caicedo has a great career ahead of him and will look to be competitive wherever he goes.

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