2022 World Cup Predictions as Argentina to Dominate Group C but Don’t Overlook Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi and Argentina are likely to dominate Group C at the 2022 World Cup

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup less than two weeks away, it’s somewhat feasible to make accurate predictions, even though some will be horribly wrong.

Group C poses a range of narratives including a possible final international tournament for Lionel Messi, minnows Saudi Arabia not wanting to simply fill the quota, and Robert Lewandowski having a Polish point to prove.

2022 FIFA World Cup Group C Predictions

Argentina Undisputed Favorites

The undisputed favourite to top Group C is Argentina, as they performed great in the infamously competitive South American qualifiers and by far possess the strongest squad in the group. If that wasn’t enough, they won the 2021 Copa America.

With a host of top talents in their squad – including arguably one of the world’s greatest-ever players in Lionel Messi – it is difficult to see them finishing anywhere but top of Group A.

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Saudi Arabia Unlikely to Advance, But Don’t Underestimate Them

Contrastingly, Saudi Arabia will most likely finish last. That said, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Playing in Qatar will essentially give them home advantage at the World Cup. It’s also worth noting that the Saudi Professional League is paused ahead of the World Cup, meaning many of the players will be more well-rested.

Additionally, the Saudi Arabians are usually pretty tough to break down – as highlighted by their recent displays in friendlies which saw them go undefeated, albeit winless, against Ecuador and the United States.

It was also shown in 2018 when they beat Egypt and only lost 1-0 against Uruguay. In fairness, they also lost 5-0 to hosts Russia, but that was a rare implosion. Regardless, these factors will likely only mitigate the margin with which Saudi Arabia are defeated. Even if they pick up an unexpected win, it possibly won’t be enough to advance.

Mexico and Poland Indistinguishable

Mexico and Poland are almost impossible to distinguish, reflected in their almost identical Elo ratings. However, Mexico’s FIFA ranking is quite significantly higher than that of Poland. Make what you will of that, depending on which type of rankings you value more.

Poland are a bit stronger than Mexico on paper. The Mexicans always reach the round of 16, but maybe that trend will end this World Cup. Meanwhile, Poland have flopped in the two most recent major tournaments.

None of these factors might matter in Qatar, but the point is that there are fair cases for both Mexico and Poland to reach the knockout stage. It’s basically a coin toss.

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