Premier League Golden Boot Winner Harry Kane to Stay in England

Harry Kane

Despite the recent rumours regarding Bayern Munich’s interest in the striker, Harry Kane will stay at Tottenham Hotspur, according to Fabrizio Romano. Spurs are intent on signing a new deal with the prolific forward.

The Untouchable Harry Kane

New Deal Wanted

Tottenham Hotspur have always thought of Harry Kane as untouchable. Neither manager Antonio Conte, chairman Daniel Levy or managing director Fabio Paratici have considered selling the 28-year-old this summer. In contrast, Spurs want to discuss a new deal with the Englishman as soon as possible.

In 2021, this wasn’t as self-evident, since Kane joining Manchester City appeared to be within the realm of possibility. Still, the striker ultimately stayed as Spurs refused to negotiate with City, further cementing his legacy at the London club. Also, Kane added that he would be entirely focused on helping the team achieve success.

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A Living Legend for Club and Country

Harry Kane’s youth career saw him play at Ridgeway Rovers twice, Arsenal and Watford before settling down at Tottenham Hotspur in 2004. Since then, Kane has undoubtedly established himself as an icon at Tottenham, despite a few brief loan spells at other clubs.

Still, the Englishman is Spurs through and through. With his 183 Premier League goals in 279 appearances for the club, the striker may overtake Alan Shearer’s long-standing record. Kane’s three Premier League Golden Boots and several other awards further cement his status as a Spurs legend.

However, he’s almost equally legendary for the national team, having scored 50 goals in around just seven years. Comparably, it took Wayne Rooney, another living legend, over 12 years to accomplish the same feat. This is not meant to be criticism of Rooney, but rather to illustrate just how prolific of a goalscorer Kane is.

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So Kane still has so much to play for at Spurs. Whether that’s winning trophies, beating records or just proving to Son Heung-Min who has the better left foot.