Primavera Manager At AC Milan Dismissed

Primavera manager

Italian giants AC Milan have dismissed Primavera manager Federico Giunti, the club have confirmed. The club’s Primavera side, the youth division and U19 of Italian football, are struggling mightily this season and are in danger of relegation. For now, Christian Terni takes over as the interim manager. In the past, however, he held roles as the manager for Milan’s U17 and U18 squads so he’s experienced in this realm.

AC Milan Have Dismissed Primavera Manager

Poor Season for an Important Side

Youth squads are always important as many of these players transition into the senior squad. For example, Davide Calabria is an integral part of Milan and he’s a direct product of the youth squad. Milan’s last major youth squad product was Gianluigi Donnarumma, but he is no longer with the club after his move to France last summer.

Notable names currently part of the Milan Primavera squad include Andreas Jungdal and Emil Roback, among others.

Milan Primavera currently sits at 14th place on the table. They only have 39 points and sit three points above the relegation zone. Additionally, their form has been extremely poor lately, recording six losses in their last five matches. The next three matches, versus Empoli, Genoa, and of course Inter Milan, will judge the side’s future.

The senior squad, however, continues to be successful. They are sitting first in the Serie A table with a real chance of lifting the Scudetto next month. Interestingly enough, the Milan senior squad continues to be successful due to strong youth play.

The youth section is always very important, however. It would be quite detrimental to see Milan’s storied Primavera squad fall to relegation, especially with the rumoured takeover of the club expected to happen shortly.

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