Keylor Navas Future Uncertain After Transfer Decision Revealed

Keylor Navas future
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What next for a Keylor Navas future in France? He has been one of football’s top goalkeepers for a decade now. He’s 35-years old now and will turn 36 halfway through next season. With that being said, many goalkeepers have continued to thrive as they age, such as Italy legend Gianluigi Buffon. His future with Paris Saint-Germain now, however, is in question. This is because the French giants signed Gianluigi Donnarumma last summer. Donnarumma is young and promising, whereas Navas remains experienced at all levels. Having two elite goalkeeping options sounds great on paper, but the bottom line is the best players want to play as much as possible.

Keylor Navas Future in Doubt

The Playing Time Issue

In quotes reported by Fabrizio Romano, Navas mentioned that he was happy in Paris but put his future in question.

“I’m happy in Paris, I have a good relationship with Donnarumma but I want to play all the games – the same situation like this season would be complicated,” Navas said. “The situation has to change.”

The last part of his quote is concerning for the club. Navas says he’s happy but also wants the situation to change.

This season, Navas has 18 Ligue 1 appearances, three in the Champions League, and one in the French Cup. Last season he finished with 44 total appearances in these competitions. Donnarumma, on the other hand, has 15 Ligue 1 appearances, five in the Champions League, and three in the French Cup this season. There seems to be, more or less, an even split in appearances, but that isn’t what Navas wants.

One can argue that Navas has a point here. Donnarumma holds a collection of blunders to his name this season, while Navas has proven himself time and time again in the past as a reliable option.

If Paris Saint-Germain have to choose one option, it’s likely that it will be Donnarumma. The Italian is just 23-years-old, so the club sees him as their option for the foreseeable future.

A potential Navas departure may lead to another major departure for the club. That same Navas departure, however, can open up space on the wage books for other players.

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