Full Crowds Expected to Return to Football for Next Season

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In a move that will bring joy to every football fan, full crowds are expected to return to football stadiums for next season. In a press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that social distancing rules will be scrapped and that large-scale events will not require certification. On July 19th, it is expected that the government will end lockdown restrictions, enabling all fans to return to their stadium of choice from the beginning of the season.

All Fans to Return to Football for Next Season

No Vaccine Passport Required

According to a report in The Times by Martyn Ziegler, unless the pandemic suddenly worsens dramatically, fans will be able to enter stadiums and other sporting events without the need for a vaccine passport. In recent weeks at events, either proof of a double jab or a negative test result has been required for entry. This will end following the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 18th.

Wembley will welcome 60,000 fans for each of the Euro 2020 semi-finals this week and with other events such as Wimbledon also allowing more fans to attend, a return to a more normal life a sports fan is near.

Fans Return Will Delight Clubs

The return of fans will undoubtedly delight clubs up and down the country. Since March 2020, the vast majority of games have been played behind closed doors. This hit finances hard, especially for those clubs in the lower leagues who depend on the paying fan to survive. Football for a year-and-a-half without its fans has not been the same. Now, clubs and fans alike can begin to look forward to their matchday experience once again. From Arsenal to Accrington Stanley and from the Premier League to the National League and beyond, fans will be returning.

Fans Have Found Times Tough Too

Clubs around the world have without a doubt suffered due to the pandemic. However, fans have also struggled. For many fans, their football club is their life. They will look forward to matchday and for a few hours can escape from, what is for many, a tough life. Without football, many have struggled to fill the void. Television has helped, but some do not have the luxury of a subscription sports package or the means to access the game via a live stream. Even if they do, nothing can replace the whole matchday experience.

Fans Return to Football, a Huge Boost

Although the news of fans returning is a boost to those who run the financial side of a club, it is also to those who play the game, the managers and staff. Carlisle United manager Chris Beech admits the return of fans can make a big difference to his team as they look for promotion next season. Speaking to the Cumberland News, Beech said: “I’m really looking forward to it. Football’s to be shared, support’s to be shared. Our supporters are unbelievable when they get behind the boys.

“I hope they are in great spirits themselves and really looking forward to supporting us as we look to represent their values. We’ve got to make sure we’re ready to share it, and I have no doubt they will 100% be ready. I’m really excited and enthused for next season, and I can see it in the players that they are as well.”


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