Romelu Lukaku and Inter Milan: Conquering Italian Football Once More

Romelu Lukaku

After leaving Manchester United for £63 million in 2019, many expected Romelu Lukaku to continue on a downward spiral at Inter Milan. People believed it was a step down; that he was destined to become refined to trophy-less season after trophy-less season. Yet, almost two years on from the move, he has conquered the Serie A.

The throne was left unaccompanied in the Serie A and in a race to secure it, Lukaku has ruthlessly bombarded towards it- knocking anyone who stands in his way to one side- including Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The aforementioned doubters of the Belgian are now on-watching admirers. Under Antonio Conte and away from the pressure of Old Trafford and Jose Mourinho, Lukaku has once again thrived.

Romelu Lukaku: Taking the Serie A Throne

Inter Milan: Scudetto Winners Once More

Before Antonio Conte, before Romelu Lukaku, Juventus were on course for a decade of dominance. Ronaldo, one of the greatest players of all time, then joined to make the preventing of Juventus a far greater task. But sometimes it takes the man who built the monster to put that very beast down.

Conte took a Juventus side who finished seventh in 2010/11 before taking them to a title win in the 2011/12, 12/13 and 13/14 season before taking a quick break from Italian football to win both the FA Cup and Premier League title with Chelsea.

With the Juventus trophy train still steamrolling on, Conte arrived home to stop the aforementioned train dead in its tracks. Wherever Conte goes, trophies soon follow, as do successful goal scorers.

At Chelsea, it was Diego Costa. In 2014, it was Carlos Tevez. Now, at Inter Milan, it is Romelu Lukaku. Under Conte, all three forwards scored over 20 goals. Lukaku, this season, has scored 21 league goals. To put into context just how impressive that number is, he has scored more league goals than Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane.

To make the tally that bit more sweeter for the Belgian, too, he has scored more league goals than Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford combined. The ex-Manchester United forward has silenced his doubters in England once and for all.

Romelu Lukaku Only Just Getting Started

Before Manchester United, Lukaku’s career was on the greatest of upward climbs. But his time at Old Trafford very nearly derailed the progress he had worked so hard to make. Crucially, however, it was nothing more than a blip in the road combined with the new-found curse of Manchester United strikers.

The blip was needed, though. It helped shape this new, goal-hungry forward that Inter Milan managed to secure. Romelu Lukaku turned an obstacle into the motivation he needed to thrive once more.

And whilst Juventus are struggling under Andre Pirlo and AC Milan continue to be inconsistent, Inter needn’t wait over a decade to win another Scudetto. This time, they could do it back to back.

The Juventus reign is over, and the Inter Milan one is only just getting started under Conte and led by the always-improving Romelu Lukaku.

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