New Champions League Format: What Does it Include?

Champions League format
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After yesterday’s bombshell of a new European Super League being formed, many seemed to have forgotten that today was the day the new Champions League would be made. The new Champions League format will include several changes, some not so dissimilar to the European Super League, worryingly so.

UEFA took the moral high ground after last night’s news but have now released a concept that could advocate the league itself. It is all about power in this modern, money-driven, greedy game that many would dare call football.

The changes could have a significant impact.

New Champions League Format: What it Will Include

New Champions League Format: What Will Change?

The new Champions League format, starting from 2024, will include 36 teams instead of 32. New spots for elite clubs that fail to qualify, one league instead of groups. 

The best eight will reach the knockouts, other teams will qualify through a new round of play-offs, and every club is guaranteed ten games to increase revenue. Sound familiar? A new format that is desperately attempting to include ‘elite clubs’, a league instead of groups. 

One would assume that this is UEFA’s attempt to one-up the European Super League. The fact that this concept edges the aforementioned league and takes the moral high ground tells you everything you need to know about the European Super League.

Why Fix Something That is Not Broken?

The Champions League is the best competition in the world. It pits underdogs against the elite, creating shock results. The away goals rule can form the most dramatic of moments. The group stages sometimes give us a preview of what is to come. It is perhaps one of few competitions that do not need adjusting. 

Yet, here UEFA are, another money and power-obsessed force making unnecessary changes to what was once the beautiful game.

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