Why Chris Wilder’s Departure Would Lead to Catastrophic Consequences

Wilder's departure

After earlier reports suggested Chris Wilder could be set to leave his role at Sheffield United, many were quick to scramble to the manager’s defence, and rightfully so. He led the Blades from League One to the Premier League in four years. The fact is, Wilder’s departure would do far more harm than good from a Sheffield United perspective.

Hit with the second-season syndrome, nothing has quite gone to plan at Bramel Lane this campaign. They’ve gone from the spirited underdog side that broke boundaries in their first season back in the top flight to a side on the brink of relegation. 

With the lack of fans creating a dreary atmosphere all whilst they capitulate on the pitch, the last thing Sheffield United need is more change. It could be said that the only thing left stable at the club is the management position- at least, until today. 

Wilder has taken United out of far worse situations- from a nightmare into a dreamland, and now he must be backed to guide them back to that Premier League fantasy.

Chris Wilder’s Departure Would Do More Harm Than Good

Wilder’s Departure Must Be Avoided

As a boyhood Sheffield United fan, no one will be hurting more right now than Chris Wilder, who has been forced to watch on as his side continually fall apart in the new way of playing football amid a global pandemic. 

And, without that 12th man, Bramel Lane has gone from one of the most intimidating places to visit to guaranteed three points for the away side. The results have sucked the joy out of the job for Wilder, that’s unquestionable, but the lack of spirited noise echoing around Bramel Lane has undoubtedly played a part in their downfall.

Last season, Sheffield United suffered just six home losses, with half of those coming against the top six. This season, by some contrast, they’ve lost all but two home games in the Premier League. In fact, since the loss of fans, those two solitary games are the only home wins they’ve picked up in the Premier League- coming against Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion. 

Without fans, they have fallen apart. Crucially, however, whilst they await the return of spectators, they must stick together- especially with Chris Wilder’s track record of getting his side promoted.

Promotion Expert

Taking a team from the depths of English football to the promised land of the Premier League in the space of four years is almost unheard of. It’s the type of achievement deemed only possible on Football Manager. 

Yet, Chris Wilder took Sheffield United and took that pipe dream before turning it into a reality. And he didn’t stop there, either. He and Sheffield United then went on to give the fans the season of a lifetime- handing them the opportunity to dream of European football. In the end, it wasn’t to be. 

But, in truth, survival itself and a second season in the Premier League was a dream secured. Now that dream is nearing its end, they must avoid Chris Wilder’s departure. He is a promotion expert and quite possibly the only man capable of taking the Blades straight back up. 

They did the right thing keeping him and his philosophies as the season began to fall to pieces. Now, they must do the same as the campaign nears its end. 

Look at West Brom, for example, who turned to Sam Allardyce to keep them up. Now, still in the relegation zone, should they suffer the drop, they’ll be stuck with the same defensive, old-fashioned, tiresome approach of Allardyce in a league where attacking football can help to guarantee a promotion. 

Wilder’s philosophies have worked before. They will work again. He just needs backing, no matter what happens.

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