FIFA Rejects European Super League Concept

European Super League
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After much worry of top clubs around Europe splitting to form one big European Super League, many are relieved to hear that the idea has been rejected by FIFA.

The idea, reportedly led by the likes of Barcelona, whose former president Josep Bartomeu claimed to have signed up for the competition, has been ’emphatically rejected’ by those at FIFA and the game’s six continental confederations. 

The news comes as a result of a threat by FIFA to prevent any players taking part in the European Super League from playing in competitions such as the World Cup. 

American banking giant JP Morgan was reportedly prepared to fund the concept before it had been shut down. 

FIFA Rejects European Super League Idea

Statement From FIFA

FIFA issued a statement on the matter, saying the following: “Any club or player involved in such a competition would as a consequence not be allowed to participate in any competition organised by FIFA or their respective confederation.

 “The universal principles of sporting merit, solidarity, promotion and relegation, and subsidiarity are the foundation of the football pyramid that ensures football’s global success and are, as such, enshrined in the FIFA and confederation statutes.

“Football has a long and successful history thanks to these principles. Participation in global and continental competitions should always be won on the pitch.”

Relief Around the Football World 

A brief mention of the potential formation of a European Super League left many in disarray last year. The statement from FIFA would have come as a relief to many around the footballing world. 

The idea itself, surrounded by money and greed like much of modern-day football, would have left many clubs at a disadvantage both financially and domestically. It would have changed the foundations of football forever if it was allowed to come into fruition. 

Luckily, the statement from FIFA seems to have shut down any chances of the competition forming. 

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