REPORT: Premier League Clubs Vote Against Continuation of Five Substitutions Rule


Following the implementation of the five substitutes rule after lockdown, Premier League clubs have voted against the continuation of it next season, according to Sam Wallace of the Telegraph. The allowance of five substitutions was initially implemented after concerns for player’s fitness after a three-month absence. This was as well as their ability to cope in the summer heat was brought to light.

Premier League Set to Scrap Five Substitutions Rule

The Correct Decision

The main reason for the introduction of the rule was the increasing temperatures in June and July, alongside a lack of fitness after a three-month break. At the time, the rule made perfect sense. Players would be eased back in, and teams would be able to make changes in the face of inevitable injury concerns. 

However, the rule has now served its purpose and is no longer needed. Players are back to full fitness; the weather will return to the conditions players are used to. Keeping the five substitutions rule would have been pointless. It would likely give several teams a substantial advantage. 

If reports are to be believed of the vote against the continuation of the rule, then praise must be heaped onto the clubs for coming to the logical decision. 

Back to Normality

Despite the lack of fans in attendance, the reintroduction of 18-man squads and three substitutions signals a return to some normality. The return of three substitutions brings with it a return to more advanced tactical thinking, too. 

Before, if the gameplan was failing, a swift five-man change could turn the game on its head. Now, managers must once again pick and choose their substitutions wisely. Any mistake with the changes cannot be resolved with further changes; room for error suddenly becomes far more marginal.

The decision will certainly be a welcome one in the Premier League, as clubs prepare for what could be a sensational season coming up.

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