Three Likely AC Milan Departures

AC Milan Departures

It’s been far too long for a footballing giant like AC Milan to not qualify for Champions League. Other clubs of lower stature in Italy, such as Atalanta, have been able to do it, yet a historic club like Milan has greatly struggled. Every summer it seems like a constant turnover between coaches, management and players. The club, however, has a new precedent of youth and talent. There will definitely be turnover again, but perhaps of less magnitude. Here are the three most likely AC Milan departures in terms of players.

Three Likely AC Milan Departures

Lucas Biglia

Lucas Biglia‘s signing was supposed to transform the Milan midfield. He had great success at Lazio before and did well for Milan at times, but ultimately age and injuries proved to be an issue.

Italian football places a large importance on the regista role. Milan have not had this for years, and the 34-year-old was thought to be the answer. Instead, the midfield continued to be Milan’s downfall for the last couple of seasons.

Biglia’s time at Milan was never supposed to be permanent. He was already on the wrong side of 30 when arriving. He was, however, supposed to be an experienced placeholder as the team sought Champions League qualification. The Argentine was far too inconsistent on the pitch, and missed several games over the past three seasons with injury.

His original three-year contract expires this summer, and it’s time to bid adieu. Biglia will be looking elsewhere for the tail end of his career. He will be the first of the Milan departures.

Giacomo Bonaventura

Giacomo Bonaventura will forever hold a special place in Milan faithful’s hearts. His love for the Rossoneri was always evident, and he was one of the very few top performers for the club during this historic down period.

The midfielder was a constant fixture in the starting XI often, and if not he never fought the idea of an impact substitute role. Bonaventura was also a Swiss army knife of sorts. He could play as a central midfielder in the mezzala role, an attacking midfielder, and even a left-winger. To this day, he plays with heart and passion, and has an uncanny ability to score unlikely goals.

His downfall, however, is his proneness to injury. The Italian struggled with a plethora of injuries during his Milan career. His knees and ankles were a constant worry. For example, last season he suffered a major injury that kept him out of play for 11 months. Injuries, of course, are not a player’s fault. It did, however, keep Bonaventura from fulfilling his true potential at the club.

Bonaventura is only 30. If healthy, he’s a capable player for any club in Italy, whether a starter or substitute. He will be a Milan departure, but finding a new club will not be an issue. There are no ill feelings between Bonaventura and the club, but his time there is all but over with his contract also expiring.

Davide Calabria/Andrea Conti

One of the two right-back options in Davide Calabria and Andrea Conti will see their time with Milan end this summer. Calabria, a youth product, has not lived up to his early expectations. He’s still only 23, but far too often presents himself as a defensive liability.

Andrea Conti was thought to be the ideal right back purchase in 2017. A common theme at the club, however, Conti struggled with injuries. Those injuries have affected his explosiveness going forward. That same explosiveness masks his defensive shortcomings, but evidently has not been the case at Milan.

Milan will surely be looking for a new starting right back this summer. The decision of whichever Italian be a Milan departure is in the hands of the manager. Stefano Pioli is not likely to remain as well, so a new manager will be making the decision. Expect one to stay to compete for a starting position or at least be the primary back-up, but one will most definitely find their way out.

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