Daniel Bryan WWE
What’s Next For Daniel Bryan?
Keshena Booker - May 8, 2021

What a difference seven days makes. From one broadcast of WWE’s SmackDown to the next, Daniel Bryan has gone from defeated to, seemingly, defunct. Ahead of their bout for the WWE Universal Championship, the stipulation of which was that Bryan would leave SmackDown if he lost, Roman Reigns promised to end Bryan’s career. He seemingly […]

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Jon Moxley Yuji Nagata AEW Dynamite
Preview: AEW Dynamite (5/12/21) – Yuji Nagata AEW Debut
Michael Joseph Sugue - May 10, 2021

“Blood and Guts” was a night of carnage and much bloodshed. Some futures are secured and well-intact. And others ultimately in doubt. In this edition of AEW Dynamite, we deal with the aftermath of last week’s events and fans could not be more excited. We have Yuji Nagata AEW debut, TNT title action, a high […]

Matanza Cueto
Lucha Underground Revisited: Matanza Cueto

On this week’s episode of Major League Wrestling, Dario Cueto debuted as the assumed head (or El Jefe) of Azteca Underground. It has taken months of teasing to reach this point and it appears to have paid off. Cueto, played by the brilliant Luis Fernandez-Gil, is something of a cult icon in professional wrestling. For […]

WWE Raw Card RKBro New Day
WWE Raw Card Preview: R-K-Bro Teams With The New Day (5/10/21)

It’s Monday, meaning it is time for another Monday Night Raw. This episode will be the go-home edition heading into WrestleMania Backlash, so expect a lot of final pushes by challengers and those looking to gain momentum. Here’s a preview of the WWE Raw card. WWE Raw Card Preview 5/10/21 WrestleMania Rematch: Bobby Lashley vs. […]

AEW Empty Arena Promo
AEW Returning To The Road This July

After almost a year of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) events emanating from Daily’s Place the promotion is returning to touring in July when they run shows from Miami, Austin, and Dallas on July 7, 14, and 21 respectively.  The Miami event is taking place in the Jams L. Knight Centre while the Austin show takes […]

ChocoPro #115
Gatoh Move ChocoPro #115 Card – One Match, Six Wrestlers – (5/12/21)

With Golden Week in Japan in the rear view, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling is set to return to Ichigaya Chocolate Square with a new episode of ChocoPro. This is a one-match event, and despite the seemingly small scale of the card, there’s no lack of depth to be seen here. If you have time next […]

King Of DDT 2021
King of DDT 2021 Competitors Announced
Michael Hymantor - May 9, 2021

DDT (Dramatic Dream Team) runs multiple tournaments within the year, with their most recent tournament starting known as the Ultimate Tag League. During the opener for this tag league, we would see an announcement regarding another tournament. The tournament known as King of DDT.  This is a single elimination tournament. Jun Akiyama (KO-D Openweight Champion) […]

AEW Dark Elevation 5/10/21
AEW Dark: Elevation Card (5/10/21)

AEW Dark: Elevation is coming at you! Keep your eyes wide open because the matches are intriguing and the action is exhilarating. Each and every week, AEW gives hungry, young talent the chance to not only showcase their skills but hone their craft. Many of them have proven to be worth this huge spotlight. Elevation […]

Jeff Hardy
WWE Main Event Is a Waste of Jeff Hardy

If you tuned into WWE‘s Main Event this week, you will have noticed that Jinder Mahal returned. The former WWE Champion and self-proclaimed “Modern Day Maharajah” came back and successfully defeated Jeff Hardy. Yes, the same Jeff Hardy who – even now, at 43 – is one of the biggest names in the WWE with […]