David Starr Stripped
David Starr Stripped Of TNT, Southside (RevPro) & OTT Championships

David Starr has been officially stripped of both the TNT Wrestling and the Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling championships following allegations of misconduct that surfaced on Twitter. TNT Wrestling released their statement first “Announcement on behalf of TNT Extreme Wrestling. We at TNT Extreme Wrestling fully support those who have been affected by matters recently brought to light. […]

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Miro AEW
Why Miro Should Be the Competitor to Defeat Darby Allin for the TNT Championship
Michael Joseph Sugue - May 7, 2021

Darby Allin has been one of the most popular wrestlers AEW has on their roster. His dark and brooding nature, as well as his “never say die” underdog persona, has endeared him to fans. He has “superstar” written all over him, as the old adage goes. For the past number of weeks, Allin has put […]

Wrestling with Edwards logo
Wrestling With Edwards Episode 40: AEW Blood and Guts Review, ALK vs. MOMOAZ, and More

Wrestling With Edwards is back once again (for the 40th time somehow) to talk about the world of professional wrestling. From AEW Blood and Guts being a complete home run to the incredible story told on SmackDown this week, to another Stardom main event delivering, it was one heck of a week! Here’s a full rundown […]

Throwback SmackDown
Preview: WWE SmackDown Card (05/07/21) – Throwback SmackDown

WWE returns to FOX once more with a billed “Retro” themed episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Over the years, we have seen a number of throwback episodes; whether it be the oft-used “Legend’s Night”, “RAW 1000” or the most recent “SmackDown 1000” in 2018. With tonight’s episode being dubbed a “Retro” night, it remains to […]

Raw Highlights
The Unfortunate Mishandling of Nikki Cross
Niklas George - May 6, 2021

If you can recall 2016 WWE, then you may remember that Nikki Cross was one of ten signees that began training at the Performance Center in April of that year. Noted for being a solid independent wrestler since her debut in 2008 (aged just 19), the former Nikki Storm was considered a relatively big gain […]

Orange Cassidy
Why Orange Cassidy Should Be the One to Challenge Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing

On the latest “Blood and Guts” special edition of Dynamite, Tony Schiavone announced a World Championship Eliminator match for next week’s show. Whoever wins this one on one bout will lay claim to challenging Kenny Omega himself at AEW’s premier event Double or Nothing. The two competitors in question are PAC and Orange Cassidy. Omega […]

ROH TV #503
Preview: Ring of Honor – ROH TV #503 (5/7/21)

Coming off of an action-packed episode of ROH TV last weekend which included; a major title change, the end of MexiSquad, and reuniting of The Bouncers, ROH TV rolls on with ROH TV #503. This week’s episode will include the in-ring ROH debut of Quinn McKay. Let’s see what ROH TV #503 has in store […]

Raquel Gonzalez NXT Women's Championship
NXT Women’s Champions: Where Are They Now?

WWE‘s NXT brand has a rich history dating back to 2010. For its first two years, it was a glorified talent show closer to America’s Got Talent than Friday Night SmackDown. A host of wrestlers from all over the country and beyond would be put through a series of (often goofy) tasks in a bid to display their […]

Best Bros Mei Suruga Baliyan Akki
Best Bros: The Undeniable Team of Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki

One of the most entertaining acts in Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, as well as wrestling throughout Japan, is the team known as Best Bros. Consisting of Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki, this team has been on a roll in ChocoPro, showcasing their unique tandem offense and undeniable charisma. Whether they’re defending the Asia Dream Tag […]