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Preview: OTT – Outer Space Odyssey 4 (11/30/19)

Outer Space Odyssey 4

OTT looks to follow up their huge visit to the National Stadium by returning to the sold-out KRFC with the debut of one of the most in-demand acts in OTT history Pentagon Jr.  Penta is joined by the returning Fenix, Rey Horus, Kyle Fletcher, and also the debuting MAO and Ren Narita to present a stacked Outer Space Odyssey 4.

Mao vs Kyle Fletcher vs Omari vs Calum Black vs Terry Thatcher

Outr Space Odyssey 4

OTT are getting fond of their multi-man matches to get some names on the card and that streak continues at OSO4.  DDTPro star MAO makes his debut here and is sure to wow the audience with his high flying offense.  OTT fans are familiar with everyone else in the match and both Omari and Fletcher are used to working in multi-man matches so this one should be an exciting addition to the card.  Calum Black is seemingly in the midst of a push so expect him to get the win here.

Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damian Corvin) vs La Rebellion Amarilla (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450)

So the Kings Of The North can wrestle in Dublin now despite losing a loser leaves town match at ScrapperMania, this is pro wrestling after all and if there is one thing we’ve learned it’s that stipulations mean nothing.  The break did the KOTN some good as they have been overexposed in OTT and have been on top for almost the entirety of the company’s five-year existence.  In their return they faced G.O.D and now they get another international tag team to square off with.  This time it’s the tag team champions from The Crash Lucha Libre who represent La Rebelion Amarilla.  The duo of the brawler Bestia 666 and the high flying Mecha Wolf 450 will offer a dynamic challenge for the Kings.

NLW Championship – Scotty Davis (C) vs Ren Narita

New Japan young lion Ren Narita is currently on excursion following the Young Lions Cup.  While Narita is based in the US he is in the UK to wrestle a few dates.  One such date is an exciting showdown with rising star Scotty Davis.  Davis has been on a tear in late 2019 with title wins in OTT and PROGRESS seeing him finally start to realize the potential many saw in him throughout 2018 and early 2019.  With Davis’ background in amateur wrestling, he should be more than capable of hanging with Narita from a technical perspective and his big-match experience may give him the edge over the young lion.

OTT Women’s Championship: Katey Harvey (C) vs Debbie Keitel

At fifth year anniversary, Katey Harvey ended the reign of Valkyrie in her return match from injury.  The win ended the reign of the Woke Queens who had for months kept a tight hold on the division through taking advantage of the numbers game.  One day after Fifth Anniversary Keitel got the pin over Harvey at Defiant 3 in a tag team match to earn the first shot at Harvey’s title.

GN Championship: Mark Haskins (C) vs B. Cool 

After needling OTT owner and booker Joe Cabray for a title shot B.Cool got what he asked for, a GN title match.  Cool was one of the first-ever GN champions as he allegedly won the title in Rio De Janeiro before losing it to Session Moth Martina at Being The Elite.  Cabray has promised to pay Haskins extra to kick Cool’s head in so be prepared for murder here as OTT’s favorite underdog may not walk out of this one at all.

OTT World Championship: Davis Starr (C) vs Mike Bailey

Outer Space Odyssey

The new OTT Champion David Starr makes defense number one against one of the most popular imports in OTT.  Bailey’s time in OTT is defined by his series of matches against Jordan Devlin, the man Starr just beat for the title.  While this match is guaranteed to be good the result is in no doubt, despite this it will be interesting to see where Starr’s story goes from here after his meteoric rise to the title and vanquishing of his rival Devlin.

More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs Rey Horus & The Lucha Bros (Fenix & Pentagon Jr)

More Than Hype have been on a roll this year and should be OTT Tag Team Champions right now, if not for the fact Moustache Mountain were hard to pin down for dates.  Despite the fact that they aren’t the champions they are still at the top of the tag division and so must face the best teams in the world.  Pentagon Jr. makes his long-awaited OTT debut here alongside tag partner Fenix and Rey Horus as three of the best luchadors in the business come to OTT to take on one of the country’s top tag teams.

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