Preview: OTT Contenders – More Than Hype Christmas Party (12/14/19)

More Than Hype Christmas Party

OTT ends the year with a contenders show loaded with talent from Ireland and abroad.  More Than Hype have hosting duties this time around as it is a More Than Hype Christmas Party.  Let’s not waste any more time and get into the action

Christmas Death Match Of Death And More Death – B. Cool & Amy Allonsy vs LJ Cleary & Katey Harvey

B. Cool has gone and done it again.  Irish wrestling’s most controversial character has stuck his foot in his mouth again and got himself into a match that involves more death than a Death Yama-San match.  For LJ this is a cool moment for him to wrestle alongside his mentor Katey who gets away from the Woke Queens for the first time since her comeback.  We don’t know exactly what a Christmas Death Match Of Death And More Death is but we can be sure it’ll be chaotic as all hell.

Club Tropicana (Aidan, Captain Sexsea & Fabulous Nicky) vs Paul Tracey & TruPros (Michael May & Liam Royal)

Club Tropicana are on a quest to save Tropicana news.  After Aidan’s surprise win at Outer Space Odyssey kept them in debt they resorted to the extreme measure of kidnapping who they thought was Paul Tracey’s mother.  In typical Tropicana fashion, they couldn’t even do this right and angered Tracey who challenged them to this six-man tag match.

Sean Guinness vs Akira

More Than Hype Christmas Party

The More Than Hype Christmas Party plays host to this match between two European talents who have made a name for themselves in Japan.  Guinness has spent years with Pro Wrestling Zero-One and is a veteran wrestler.  Akira is from Italy and at 20 years old has already made an impact with All Japan Pro Wrestling.  Both are Junior Heavyweights but not the style of Junior Heavyweight people are used to.  Outside of New Japan the Junior’s aren’t as high flying but instead are technically proficient and use their agility when necessary.  This will be a good clash to add diversity to the card and should be a fun one.

Terry Thatcher vs Justin Daniels

Justin Daniels had an impressive debut at the last contenders show when he took on Danny Cross.  Daniels is the future of Irish wrestling and he gets to take on a veteran of the scene in this one. Terry Thatcher has been doing this almost as long as Daniels has been alive but he has only recently got everything to click.  After years of toiling away, Thatcher is now one of the fan favorites and arguably the ace of Contenders who now gets to share the ring with some of the world’s best.  If Daniels can put up a fight against one of the islands best it will only solidify his spot as one of the hottest prospects on the island.

Scotty Davis vs Omari

More Than Hype Christmas Party

This is a clash between two of Europe’s rising stars.  Davis is currently having the biggest run of his career as he is the NLW Champion and PROGRESS tag team champion and has major companies sniffing around him.  Omari has all the tools to be a big star he’s a tall guy that can pull out some impressive power moves but even better has surprising agility that makes him incredibly dangerous.  Davis will try and ground this and use his amateur wrestling background while Omari will try to impose his will on Davis and keep this one off the ground.

More Than Hype (Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) vs Moonlight Express (Mao & Mike Bailey)

If you like the modern indie tag style then this match will be for you.  Mao and Bailey are a crazy tag team that are all about F**cked Up Wrestling For A F**cked Up World.  Both are dangerous on their own but together they’re a formidable tag team.  MTH are the premier tag team in the country right now and by all rights should be the tag team champions.  Since their debut, they have both improved and gelled more and more and are now a very dangerous duo.  Gone are the days of babyfaced Nathan Martin and Darren Kearney they have been replaced by a psychopathic Nathan and Kearney who has an incredible mix of power and agility as he’s just as likely to hit this than something crazy like this. There is no chance that this isn’t the match of the night and has the potential to be one of OTT’s best of the year.

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