#AndNEW: Title Changes AT OTT Fifth Anniversary (Spoilers)

Fifth Year Anniversary

OTT celebrated turning five years old with a loaded show featuring three title matches involving five Irish talents.  On the night the landscape of OTT changed with two titles changing hands.

David Starr Wins OTT World Championship

OTT Fifth Anniversary
Photo: @WhiplashJ

The hottest rivalry in OTT came to a head as David Starr faced Jordan Devlin in the main event of OTT fifth anniversary.  Had anyone told us in February when David Starr was public enemy number one that he would walk into the celebration of OTT’s 5th birthday as the most popular man in the company.  Starr, through the power of his words, swayed the audience in his favour against former hero Jordan Devlin in the build to this match and on the night he was cheered to a degree no one was predicting.  For a long time now OTT’s main event scene has revolved around Devlin, now we move on to the era of David Starr the new import killer and the self-proclaimed saviour of independent wrestling.

Katey Harvey Wins OTT Women’s Champion

Photo: @irishslamdan

In January 2019 Katey Harvey suffered a horrific injury that lead to her needing surgery to repair both of her elbows.  Nine months later she walked into the National Stadium with all 2000+ fans on her side to take on Valkyrie of the Woke Queens.  With former Woke Queens assistant CT Flexor in tow to even the odds, Harvey defeated Valkyrie to join Session Moth Martina as only the second two-time OTT Women’s Champion.

OTT fifth anniversary saw the company send itself down a new path with two new champions crowned and two exciting new directions to take those titles in.

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