Preview: OTT – OTT Live In Cork (8/25/19)

OTT brings it’s strongest lineup of the year to Cork as they run there for the first time ever at the Neptune Stadium.  PAC returns, Mike Bailey returns, T-Hawk returns and El Lindaman debuts on top of all the usual OTT talents.  OTT Live In Cork is the company’s strongest show of the year and one that shouldn’t be missed.

Stronghearts (T-Hawk & El Lindaman) vs True Pros (Michael May & Liam Royal)

OTT Live In Cork

At the last OTT Contenders show True Pros made a big statement as J-Money made his debut to recruit Sean Guinness to the group who believe they deserve opportunities because they are the only professional wrestlers in Ireland, everyone else is just an amateur in their eyes.  The technician May and the powerhouse Royal face a big challenge as they come up against one of the world’s best units T-Hawk and El Lindaman, who may be familiar to fans that watched Double Or Nothing.  Hawk and Lindaman are almost the perfect opponents for the True Pros as they also consist of a powerhouse in Hawk, who has some sickening strikes, and the technician Lindaman.  The Pros face a big challenge against the Stronghearts duo but a win here would catapult them to the top of the OTT tag division.

Session Moth Martina & Dan Barry vs Justy & Sammy D

Last time Dan Barry faced Sammy D he was screwed out of the win by Liam Royal.  He’s got some backup in the form of the Session Moth Martina to form one of the most popular teams OTT has ever seen to take on Sammy and Justy.  Justy and Sammy are a pair with smarts and experience but they may not have enough to overcome the Session Cops.

Cara Noir vs Scotty Davis

OTT Live In Cork

The Black Swan Cara Noir makes his OTT debut against an old foe.  The two had Pro Wrestling Clash’s Match Of The Year.  Since then both have improved tremendously and both are hot names in the scene right now.  Noir is quite a character and from the moment he steps through the curtain has the crowd in the palm of his hands, his antics and look may be mind games but that’s not all he needs to win.  Davis has seemingly set his sights on becoming OTT Champion after a hot year which has seen him beat Jushin Liger and Darby Allin in OTT.  Two hot upcoming names clash here in a rematch that people are excited to see.

Calum Black vs David Starr

“Undeniable” Calum Black took on The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin at Contenders 15.  He took Devlin to his limit and made his mark on the OTT fanbase.  Starr has spent much of the year feuding with Devlin and will be aiming to make quicker work of the youngster than Devlin but taking Black lightly may lead to Starr’s downfall.

The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz) vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

OTT Live In Cork

A rematch of sorts from OTT Fan Appreciation Night when Wentz and Xavier teamed with Meiko Satomura to take on More Than Hype in one of the best OTT matches of 2018.  Just under a year later and The Rascalz bring their third member with them to take on MTH who have only gotten better since the last time these two teams met.  MTH is coming off a disappointing time in Belfast where they came up short in two title matches but seem to fair much better as a trio than apart.  Whatever the result this will be one to remember.

PAC vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Former Open The Dream Gate champion PAC takes on Dramatic Dream Team (DDTPro’s) Mike Bailey in a clash of two of Japan’s best Juniors.  While their in-ring styles may be similar they could not be more opposite people.  With a nickname like “The Bastard” you know PAC is as vile as they come and takes a sick pleasure in hurting his opponents, while Bailey is just a happy go lucky dude bringing fucked up wrestling to a fucked up world.  Bailey has yet to beat PAC when these two face off but you can never put anything past someone as talented as Bailey.

Jordan Devlin vs Jody Fleisch

OTT Live In Cork

The import killer looks to add one more name to his ever growing list.  Jody Fleisch is a 23-year veteran that can still go just as hard as when he started out.  His brand of high flying has been exciting crowds in the UK for over two decades.  There is not a company in the UK that Fleisch hasn’t wrestled for from the Irish Whip Wrestling and Frontier Wrestling Alliance days in the early naughts to now where he has wrestled for OTT, PROGRESS Wrestling, RevPro and he was even in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s BOLA in 2018.  While Fleisch is a veteran Jordan Devlin may be the greatest wrestler Ireland has ever produced and ever since taking down WALTER at ScrapperMania 5 he has looked unstoppable.

OTT Women’s Championship – Valkyrie (C) vs Raven Creed

This feud has raged on for months between Raven Creed and the Woke Queens.  At a recent show in Belfast Valkyried cheated her way to victory and became OTT Women’s champion.  Creed has been on the warpath ever since and looks to win back her title in her hometown.  With the home crowd backing Raven she will be looking to follow through on the promise of dragging Valkyrie straight to hell but the Woke Queens may have other ideas.

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