WWE Money in the Bank 2024 – Review with Star Ratings

A photo of The Bloodline from WWE Money in the Bank 2024.

Toronto is on fire at the moment. The Canadian fans have been chanting all day and it looks like we are geared up for a pretty good card. Both ladder matches have intrigue and there are some great undercard matches for the evening.

How will the card pan out? Will WWE continue its stretch of good to great PLEs? Let’s find out.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (4.75/5)

Wow, that’s how you open a show. This was one of the best Money in the Bank matches in recent memory. It was a match that included an interesting mix of wrestlers. We got to see new matchups, and rekindled issues and every single man had a great case to walk away the winner.

The spots for this match were incredibly creative. In a day and age when you see it all, this match showed us plenty new. It was refreshing and set this match apart from the rest. The finish was a great piece of storytelling with several false endings before we got to Drew McIntyre grabbing Money in the Bank.

The only slight down will be reserved for how they play out McIntyre winning. If the briefcase is used as a prop to further, his angle with CM Punk it’s a down. But we will see.

Sami Zayn vs Bron Breakker: Intercontinental Championship Match (4/5)

This was a great match. Sami plays the underdog so well that anyone can have a compelling game with him but that doesn’t mean Bron Breakker had to be led around. He has improved dramatically over the past few months and has grown as a performer. He sold well, played to the crowd, and looked like a beast. He showed us a lot tonight.

Working the greenness of Breakker into the finish was a smart thing to do. Had he won they had nothing to go with and this way Breakker could work his way back to Sami Zayn? Sami is still a great champ and deserves his reign to go longer.

Damian Priest vs Seth Rollins; World Heavyweight Championship Match (2.75/5)

This was a tight match until the wheels came off at the end. Priest and Rollins had a solid build to some great false finishes. Priest and Rollins had some great chemistry and wrestled a great match. The action was great, and they showed some great chain wrestling. Then a botch count led to the match going off the rails for all the wrong reasons.

The CM Punk/Drew McIntyre had no place being here. There was enough animosity between the two men and Money in the Bank didn’t need to be involved. It was a match that didn’t need the drama between Punk and McIntyre to top it off. Priest looked weak and was going to be fed to Gunther in a few weeks.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (3.5/5)

The women took a while to get going in this match. The first 10 minutes were stilted with too many botches and spots that no one seemed to care about.

After they pulled through that the action started to get good. A German Suplex spot off the ladder and Naomi’s splits were interesting and brought the crowd out of their seats. The finishing flurry had some brutal ladder spots. Especially Zoey Stark taking a cringe-worthy bump.

Tiffany Stratton and Chelsea Green were the clear favorites to win the match. They were the MVPs of the contest and their finish, including a fantastic table bump from Green, was a great way to top off this match. Tiffany was a great choice to win. She is getting over huge and deserves a title run.

Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton vs The Bloodline (3/5)

It was interesting to see this main event of the show, but the star power did support a closing slot. The match was more of a traditional six-man tag than was expected. The crowd was sure hot for the entire match, which was to be expected. The face-in-peril segments drag on for a bit too long but did pay off for the hot tag from Rhodes.

Solo, and the rest of The Bloodline, looked great. They are leaning into their heel roles and were great being the foil to the babyface heroes. Their physicality was impressive and each member for a chance to shine.

The ref taking his bump was expected as it led to this match going into all-out chaos. It turned the match into exactly what everyone was hoping that it would, an all-out car wreck. The finish was a fantastic flurry of finishers all over the ring but The Bloodline winning was a big shock. Solo Sikoa is being set up for a SummerSlam encounter with the champ.

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