MIRAI Wins Cinderella Tournament, Mercedes Mone Attacks & Cosmic Angels Changes

MIRAI, Ami Sorei, Mai Sakurai and Waka Tsukiyama on a poster for the Cinderella Tournament final

The Cinderella Final was an eventful night for Stardom as they crowned the newest winner of the Cinderella Tournament, Cosmic Angels had some massive changes and we had a surprise appearance from the IWGP Women’s Champion. Let’s run down all the news from this tournament.

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Stardom Cinderella Final News

MIRAI Goes Back to Back

In a surprising move, MIRAI won her second consecutive Cinderella Tournament. Becoming the first wrestler to do so since Mayu Iwatani. She defeated Mai Sakurai in the final after defeating tag partner Ami Sorei in the semi-final. She has yet to indicate which title she will use her wish to challenge for but said she’ll wait until All Star Grand Queendom on April 23.

Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama Leave Cosmic Angels

Club Venus is now its own fully fledged unit as Mina Shirakawa announced her departure from Cosmic Angels following the main event. Shirakawa is the leader of Club Venus and had been an original member of CA. Mina’s departure meant that Waka Tsukiyama had a major decision to make. Tsukiyama opted to leave Tam’s group and join Mina’s.

Saori Anou Joins Cosmic Angels

When Tam was down and out after seeing two faction members leave she was helped by Saori Anou. Anou, like Nakano, originally debuted for Actwres girl’Z and recently made her return to Stardom as KAIRI’s chosen mystery partner for All Star Grand Queendom. Anou, who has history with Natsupoi, opted to join the faction, which fills the gap left by Mina Shirakawa at the top of the group.

Mercedes Mone Attacks

In a shocking incident, Mayu Iwatani was attacked after her match against 7Uppp. The attacker was revealed to be Mercedes Mone, who wasn’t even scheduled for the show. Mone and Iwatani will wrestle for the IWGP Women’s Championship on April 23 in a generational dream match.

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