Trish Stratus and Lita Need One More Main Event

Trish Stratus and Lita: Photo of both in ring on RAW

Trish Stratus teamed with and turned heel on Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw after much speculation about a match between the two at SummerSlam. Most of the online conversation has revolved around Lynch and Stratus, but this week’s events should really lead to a final main event match for Trish Stratus and Lita. A mystery assailant attacked Lita. Seeing as Trish turned the same night, it’s safe to assume she was involved in that attack. Thus, the two women whose rivalry popularized modern women’s wrestling in WWE have a reason to fight again.

One Final Main Event Between Trish Stratus and Lita

Lita and Trish had one of the first WWE women’s main events on Raw but have yet to close a premium live event. However, their match on Raw for the Women’s title in 2004 is still excellent, mainly because no two women on the roster back then could have pulled it off. The action was something out of a modern women’s match, and both superstars pushed the envelope in the 2000s. That main event match encapsulated their rivalry for generations of future stars. Now, WWE has created the perfect scenario to relive that history the right way for a new generation.

How WWE Can Get There

For the time being, Becky Lynch will be Stratus’ main foil. Heading into SummerSlam, the focus will be on giving that card a marquee bout. After Lita’s big return, Trish should still be focused on winning a championship. By building Stratus up to the title again, they ensure the match is worthy of the main event beyond just the incorporation of two legends. Lita, when she returns, will want revenge, while Trish will want to move on. WWE has yet to announce what show will take place in September. Like last year, with Clash at the Castle it will be a new B-level event for fans. That show presents the perfect opportunity to let Lita and Trish go on last. They will get a huge reaction, and most of the company’s usual part-time stars, like Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, won’t be at the show.

With this PLE following, SummerSlam, Trish, and Lita could be two of the more prominent names available with main event experience and likely have one of the more intriguing stories. Stratus and Lita also never competed in any of WWE’s signature matches like Last Women Standing. The build to Lita’s return and her quest for revenge should culminate in one of those matches. It will help to make it feel like a main event rivalry. Finally, a gimmick match would serve as a definitive ending for the feud and an encore to an iconic rivalry. With both legends powering through a tiring bout, the emotional finish will give fans a reason to cheer both women as they head back into retirement.

Road to a Final Trish and Lita Main Event

While Trish Stratus is likely busy until August when she and Becky have their big matchup in Detroit, the Raw after will lead to this battle of legends. Whether Trish or Becky wins, Stratus should appear on the show to demand a title shot. Instead of the champions making their presence known, Lita should triumphantly return to attack the women who took her out and cost her the tag team titles. Trish, who plays a phenomenal heel, must try and avoid Lita and refuse her calls for a match. For August, Lita will remain a problem for Trish across both brands. Utilizing attacks and backstage altercations can add that air of extreme back into the Lita character. Also, it will help cover up any ring rust between two semi-retired legends.

Before September’s premium live event, the fighting should come to a head. At this point, the arrogant heel Trish could get a title shot or an opportunity to become the number one contender. Whether she wins the title or not won’t matter; she is well beyond needing it. However, it will be a moment where stakes are involved, and that is when Lita goes from a nuisance to a problem. The match should end with Lita finally getting Trish to snap after an interference. From there, the two will agree to a gimmick match at whatever the upcoming show ends up being. Making it the main event might receive some pushback, but the match will live up to the top billing if done correctly.

What Comes in the Aftermath

After the match, Trish and Lita must end up as faces. Turning nostalgia acts bad is difficult because fans want to cheer for their childhood heroes. Whether Trish gets her win back or Lita beats her rival again for some revenge, the two need to end as allies again. This can lead to a return as a team later down the road, perhaps for WrestleMania 40. In particular, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey could be an exciting matchup worthy of WrestleMania. Lita and Trish teaming together would bring their storied careers full circle.

Conversely, it can be their final in-ring performance if it feels like WWE no longer needs the two. This run would provide a final main event match for Trish Stratus and Lita, two women who changed WWE forever. This time, it will be on a stage worthy of their historic feud and stature in women’s wrestling history. WWE likes to talk about its history, particularly the ladies that paved the way for today’s performers. Whether intentional or not, WWE has set the table to run back a classic and give both performers their due.

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