What To Expect From Trish Stratus Heel Turn

Trish Stratus Heel Turn on Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus turned heel on the April 10 edition of Monday Night Raw with an attack on Becky Lynch. Stratus has shown during her recent return that she can still pull off her Chick Kick, Stratusphere, and Stratusfaction moves. Therefore, we can expect Trish Stratus’ turn to lead to a heel run in WWE. Here, we look at what we can expect from Trish Stratus’ heel turn.

The Trish Stratus Heel Turn – What to Expect

The Best Of Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is best when she feels wronged. First, a mystery assailant (almost definitely Stratus) took out Lita. Then, Stratus took Lita’s place to help Lynch defend the Women’s Tag Team Championship. But Stratus got pinned and lost. 

Finally, Stratus kicked Lynch right in the kisser. 

Lynch has three reasons to feel aggrieved. In 2018, nobody was more over in professional wrestling than Lynch when she decided she wasn’t going to put up with being overlooked and wronged anymore. This is the Lynch that should be awoken by the Stratus turn.

Prepare yourself for some promos from Lynch about how she shouldn’t have allowed herself to join Stratus and Lita for the nostalgia ride.

The Best of Trish Stratus

Here’s something you may have forgotten. Trish Stratus was always best as a heel. Sure, there’s the brief moment she and The Rock had a romantic entanglement. Plus, her babyface Women’s Championship victories and teaming with Lita were genuinely great moments. 

But some of her greatest moments were as a heel. She teased poor Bubba Ray Dudley, wheeled around a drugged-up Linda McMahon, and performed one of the most shocking WrestleMania betrayals when she slapped Chris Jericho, cost him his match against Christian, and kissed “Captain Charisma” on the ramp. 

Trish Stratus as a heel angered at Becky Lynch and ‘bestie’ Lita for forming a tag team without her will let us see her at her finest.


SummerSlam: Lynch vs. Stratus

WWE’s next Premium Live Event in the U.S. will be SummerSlam in Detroit on August 5. It will be preceded by Backlash on May 5 in Puerto Rico and Money in the Bank in London on July 1.

Stratus costing Lynch a win in the Money in the Bank match would generate nuclear heat in the United Kingdom. It would then give WWE a month to build to a showdown that hopefully fills some of the 80,000 seats at Ford Field, Detroit.  

Trish Stratus Heel Turn Post-SummerSlam  

The ideal scenario is Stratus and Lynch put on a great showing at SummerSlam and then hug it out. From there, Stratus would appear on SmackDown in Winnipeg, Canada the following Friday and completes her return to being a face to bid the WWE Universe goodbye.

Then there’s one final twist- the SmackDown Women’s Champion comes out and gives Stratus a week to prepare for a championship match in her hometown of Toronto. 

Stratus then has one final championship match – wishfully against Rhea Ripley – on the August 18 episode of SmackDown currently set to take place in Toronto. 

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