WrestleMania 39: WrestleMania Saturday Betting Odds

The Usos vs Kevin Owens Sami Zayn | WrestleMania 39

WWE’s show of shows is finally here¬†as this weekend the company will present WrestleMania 39 live from LA’s SoFi Stadium. This two-night extravaganza is complete with all the trimmings: top-level matches, compelling storylines, incredible superstars, and showcase flair. WWE’s build to this year’s show has been fitting of a Hollywood production with scene-stealing moments worthy of the big screen.

So now that it is time for lights, camera, WrestleMania, we’re taking one last look at the betting odds to see where things stand in advance of Saturday night’s show.

WrestleMania 39: WrestleMania Saturday Betting Odds

United States Championship: John Cena (+220) vs. Austin Theory (C) (-325)

The champ has returned to WWE and he’s arrived just in time to put his challenger in his place. John Cena has been the face of WWE for more years than Austin Theory has been alive. Okay, maybe not quite that long. But the point is Theory fancies himself just the latest in a long line of guys trying to prove that Cena’s time is up, and their time is now. Theory is the self-proclaimed new star of WWE so what better way to cement that status than by defeating the standard bearer. It would be quite the notch in Theory’s belt to not only defeat Cena but to retain the United States Championship in the process. A title that Cena made prominent during his weekly open challenges. For Theory, he’s the present and Cena is the past. Saturday night will be the chance to show it in what will be the biggest match of Theory’s young career. WrestleMania Saturday betting odds favor Theory with good reason.

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair (C) (+325) vs. Rhea Ripley (-550)

Charlotte Flair has been the Queen of the WWE’s Women’s Division practically since she first stepped on scene nearly a decade ago. In that time, no one has accomplished more, won more titles, and made a bigger historical impact. But, WWE’s biggest problem since the dawn of the revolution has been finding stars beyond the four horsewomen to carry the mantle. They’ve most certainly found one in Rhea Ripley. Judgment Day might be a faction without a formal leader but it is pretty clear that Ripley is the one running the show. She’s the Mami now and it is her time to shine. Last time Flair and Ripley met, many were surprised when Charlotte took home the win. This time around however, all eyes are on Ripley and her crowning moment. WrestleMania Saturday betting odds support Ripley taking home the gold.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (C) (+475) vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens (-900)

Short of maybe the world championship match, there is probably no bout as anticipated at this year’s WrestleMania than this one. Talk about a script taken right out of a Hollywood blockbuster. You have a protagonist, Sami Zayn, who just wanted to fit in. He found a family, a home, but was never fully accepted no matter how hard he tried and how much he did. He put his body on the line, abandoned his friends, all for the Bloodline. But the antagonist, Roman Reigns, had other ideas. He used Zayn and he used his own family until it became untenable. Reigns decided Zayn wasn’t worth keeping around and only one person in his family was willing to take a stand in support of a friend. But even that truce wasn’t long-lasting. Jey Uso was the last to accept Zayn but perhaps the only person in the Bloodline to truly accept him. It broke Zayn’s heart to lose Jey but when it happened, it was clear what he needed to do. The entire Bloodline needed to fall and Zayn is the one to do it. But he won’t have to do it alone. Thanks to Cody Rhodes’ relationship counseling, Zayn and Kevin Owens made up and together, they are stronger than they are apart. The WrestleMania Saturday betting odds are pretty obvious as to how this needs to go down. Zayn and Owens are primed for their WrestleMania moment. The first domino is about to fall for the Bloodline with the second not far after.

Becky Lynch, Lita, & Trish Stratus (-190) vs. Damage CTRL (+145)

The titles may not be on the line but perhaps bragging rights or pride will be as Becky Lynch brings her two legendary friends into battle against Bayley’s dominant trio. This match will be a great showcase of rivals as Lynch and Bayley are no strangers to each other. However, one much more intriguing story, more than the match itself, is what role if any Stratus will play. Rumors have been swirling of a Stratus heel turn and it could happen as early as tonight. If Stratus is planning to stick around for a SummerSlam program with Lynch, the seeds could be planted at WrestleMania. There will be six incredibly talented women’s wrestlers sharing the ring and all eyes will be on Stratus and what move she makes. The WrestleMania Saturday betting odds favor a win for her trio but should Stratus turn on the women’s tag champs, that could change everything.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins (-400) vs. Logan Paul (+250)

A great showcase match, fitting of WrestleMania, Seth Rollins will take on Logan Paul. Rollins has been WWE’s unheralded MVP of late, wrestling great matches on TV and PLE. But at WrestleMania, he’ll face perhaps the greatest non-wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots. Paul has performed brilliantly in his matches to this point but this is his first WrestleMania. And WrestleMania is an entirely different beast. No one knows that better than Rollins, who has excelled on this stage throughout his career. It is why Rollins enters this match as a slight favorite on the WrestleMania Saturday betting odds. He has the experience and the cunning to outwit Paul. Though, Paul will no doubt have something up his own sleeve. No matter who emerges victorious on Saturday, this match should be entertaining, perfect for Hollywood.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio

It was clear for months that WWE was gearing up toward a father/son showdown of the ages the second Dominik joined the Judgment Day. It’s been a slow burn but sometimes stories like this need time to develop. With each passing week, Dom drew the knife further into his father’s back, going so far as to say he wished Eddie Guerrero had raised him instead. In kayfabe, Dom is Guerrero’s son and he’s used that decades-old storyline as a launching pad for his heel character. But even such vicious words weren’t enough for Rey to agree to fight his progeny. The Hall of Famer continued to believe the path forward for him and Dom wasn’t violence. That is, until Dominik took things too far, going after his own mother and sister. That was the straw that did it as Rey retaliated and the match was set. Dom’s actions at the Hall of Fame on Friday night, walking out on his father’s speech, only solidified the story heading into this match. Dom believes his father was a deadbeat and he wants to prove he’s the better wrestler. Rey just wants his son back but is willing to play by Dom’s rules to get there. If rumors are to be believed, this could be the beginning of the end for Rey, who may be nearing retirement. What better way to go out then, than by putting his son over and clearing the path for Dom’s own WWE career.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet (+200) vs. The Street Profits (-120) vs. Alpha Academy (+700) vs. The Viking Raiders (+200)

WWE’s tag team division is pretty strong these days so what better way to showcase that than by having four of them battle it out at WrestleMania? All of these teams have been pushed to varying degrees in recent weeks and months. It’s interesting to see the Street Profits as favorites on the WrestleMania Saturday betting odds given rumors of a Montez Ford singles push. But for now, he and Angelo Dawkins are still as thick as thieves. Anything can happen Saturday night however as it wouldn’t be surprising for one of these teams to disband. Even if that doesn’t happen however, expect a chaotic showcase between eight talented wrestlers.

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