Should The Judgment Day Grow as a Group?

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In the lead-up to a WrestleMania 39 match with legendary superstar Edge, the rated R Superstar’s opponent Finn Balor and wife Beth Phoenix appeared on WWE’s The Bump to discuss the upcoming match. In a story that has started and remained ultimately unchanged since the June 6th Raw back in 2022, Finn recounted the rivalry he and Edge have had since The Judgement Day removed Edge as its leader and sold this final matchup. The topic turned to a Judgment Day expansion when asked about new members by a fan on the show; he sheepishly responded, “Trust me, once we get Mania behind us, Judgement Day will be expanding.” 

Should The Judgment Day Grow?

The State of The Judgment Day

While the Edge match isn’t all that attractive to fans, Judgment Day very much is, and the idea of growth is causing a bit of a stir. The Judgment Day is no longer the vaguely supernatural Edge faction that debuted at WrestleMania 38, instead becoming equal parts comedy troupe and mid-card heel faction when a new face (or the returning Edge) needs somebody to scrap with for a month or two. The latest member, Dominik Mysterio, has become one of the most entertaining and thoroughly dislikeable active competitors on the WWE roster. However, his “Mami,” Rhea Ripley, won the 2022 Royal Rumble and has evolved into a genuinely credible world title contender. Their comedic timing has paired surprisingly well with Finn Balor as the group’s workhorse and Damian Priest giving the team the dark and dangerous vibe they occasionally need to use. 

With the group poised to put Edge and Dominik’s father, Rey Mysterio, behind them one way or another and Rhea very possibly walking out of WrestleMania 39 as Women’s champion, the group has been on a roll. A year after the group debuted, the question still remains with some fans, who will join The Judgment Day? However, the better question now may be whether Judgment Day should expand at all if they are currently firing on all cylinders.

Adapt or Perish – The Case for Judgment Day Expansion

The momentum that Finn, Rhea, Damian, and Dom have developed is palpable. Dominik and Rhea, in particular, took a silly meme and made it their actual characters on national television every week. Despite the campy comedy, they have been widely praised for their work. Eventually, though, the group will need to make a change. Making a splash now instead of after fans have lost interest will set them up for greater success. Also, with The Bloodline very likely to explode at WrestleMania or soon after, having an unbeatable faction for faces like Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair, Seth Rollins, or Drew McIntyre to feud with will be imperative. 

While the current lineup is entertaining; unbeatable, they are not. Adding some muscle or even a top talent to the faction can help the group keep its charm while making them feel more dangerous and rebooting the team. Adding a big name, either physically or metaphorically, could make fans see the team as a real contender, something they have only had flashes of in the past. The change would be exciting and help establish The Judgment Day as a force to be reckoned with.

Conversely, the team could lean into the success of Dominik and add an entertaining mouthpiece to the mix. The comedy and backstage shenanigans of Dom and Rhea have been consistently praised by fans, but since Edge’s departure, the faction has not had a solid speaker to deliver the group’s message. A goofy talent with the “gift for gab” could be a welcome addition to the moments when the group isn’t competing.

If It’s Not Broken – The Case Against Judgment Day Expansion

It can be difficult to get over with the fans in wrestling. A group that removed its legendary leader in favor of several mid-card talents and an untested Dominik Mysterio should have failed to work. However, despite some missteps, the talent has created a successful and unique brand for themselves that is compelling in every environment and should be rewarded in the next few weeks at WrestleMania with several big wins. 

After Mania, it might be best to leave the group alone. They have only had three rivals in the last year; AJ Styles, Edge, and Rey Mysterio. That means most matchups will feel interesting when the group finally moves on. To avoid ruining the team’s flow and because so many fresh matches are still on the table, it might be early to add another member. 

Additionally, while some WWE and NXT talent could add to the team’s menacing stature or play off the goofy stories well, not as many can do both. A serious competitor from Raw, SmackDown, or NXT programming could feel like they are being demoted by association with a comedy act like Dom and Rhea. Likewise, a comedy character might make those segments even more entertaining but will not improve the teams standing as a credible threat. With finding the perfect fit of silly and serious being so hard, WWE may want to avoid taking the risk altogether. 

Raw After WrestleMania

Like so many on the roster, the Raw after WrestleMania could bring big changes for The Judgment Day. Bringing in a new member could make for a super exciting storyline going into the summer. Still, a Judgment Day expansion could also overcomplicate a simple, entertaining act that doesn’t need changes. WWE seems to know they have a star in Rhea Ripley and understands The Judgment Day’s role in her journey and on weekly television. Hence, odds are they will avoid adding another layer just for the sake of it and ensure that any new member is guaranteed to improve the group.

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