Update On CZW: The Arrival, KENTA, The S.A.T. and More!

Kenta in CZW: Match graphic vs McCoy

Recently, it was announced that international megastar KENTA would be making his arrival in Combat Zone Wrestling on December 18 at Studio Z in Blackwood, NJ. Little was known at the time about why he was coming, but the entire roster wanted the chance to get their hands on him when he got there.

Many took to social media to make their intentions known, however, two men in particular took the first opportunity they had to call out KENTA at the first CZW show following the announcement. Griffin McCoy and Eran Ashe did not hold back when given the opportunity to call him out.

It has now been announced that Griffin McCoy will face KENTA at this show. Ashe took to Twitter to vent his frustration and vowed to make sure that McCoy would never even make it to December 18th. The two had a match at Limelight 12 in Maryland and McCoy came out on top, but it was by count out. Surely Ashe will have something to say about the outcome of that match moving forward, but as it stands, we will be getting an instant classic from McCoy and KENTA.

“While KENTA has been my main influence as a wrestler, I’m not intimidated nor star struck” claims McCoy. “I’ve battled legends before. I plan to make a career out of it. People have told me to feel honoured about wrestling KENTA, but I can’t feel that way if I want to beat him. To me, KENTA is just another victim.”

Unfortunately, KENTA was unavailable for comment, but it is clear that McCoy is filled with confidence and does not seem phased by the man he will be stepping into the ring with. This match will be a huge step in his career and he is eager to show the world why he is the “Top Guy”

“I consider myself a high-pressure player” says McCoy. “Nothing else gets me up like a big-time match. That’s why they call me Main Event McCoy.”

While this will likely be the main event, more matches have also been announced.  One of which will see the return of a fan-favorite group to the Combat Zone.  The S.A.T. (Joel, Jose and Wil Maximo) will be facing off against the full force of CZW regulars CMD (Desean Pratt, Boom Harden and Lince Dorado). Dorado has not been around the last couple of months, so it is a bit of a homecoming for him as well in what will be a fantastic spectacle of a match.


CMD did not mince words when it came to this match. Desean Pratt stated, “December 18th not only means the world to me professionally, it means the world to me personally. The SATs have been a staple on the professional wrestling scene for years and 16 or 17 year old Desean was a fan of them. The first I saw them was on CZW’s Cage of Death 3. They were on a whole ‘nother level. They were innovative with the move sets and just had a presence unmatched. But that’s enough praise for the opps, ’cause you see Joel, Jose and Wil are coming back to the Combat Zone for the first time in 20 or so years and they really think they heavy on the scales. Nah blood, CMD (Countries Most Dangerous) runs CZW now and we been stepping on the necks of the opps since January 1 and I’ll be damned if these New York bulls come in and take our shine. I’m gonna end it like this. Once CMD defeats the SATs, we show the world that we run the trio/tag game. Not The Rep, not Post Game and certainly not them goofy ass Milk Chocolate bulls.  It’s CMD. Remember the name, feel our hustle, bow down and kiss the ring of the BEST tag team on the scene!”

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Boom Harden followed up with, “Respect to their legacy, but CMD will cement their legacy. If we need to snap the necks of 3 has beens to do so, then so be it. CMD>SAT=123.”

Also just announced is a huge match showcasing two men with very different styles.  Technical master Fred Yehi will be taking on death match extraordinaire and Tournament of Death 19 winner Bobby Beverly. There is no telling what will happen in this clash of the titans. Will Yehi get extreme or will Bev play Fred’s game? Only time will tell with this one!

Another match happening that night is a bit personal. Michael Mistretta and Jaden Valo came through the combine together and became friends and tag team partners. Recently, with some outside help, the two of them have not been on the same page and things come to a head in a one on one match. This one is proof that sometimes, families fight.

“This is shaping up to be one of the biggest events I have been a part of this year” explains Mistretta. “As for the circumstances, it is what it is.”

Rounding out the matches that have been announced so far is a CZW Rules Match, which will surely make long time CZW fans happy, featuring Rayo and Faboo Andre. This feud has been growing more and more violent and aggressive over the last few months and has lead to somewhat of a new territory for both competitors.

When asked about this match, Faboo Andre had this to say. “I’m not accustomed to this style of match, but CZW rules and Rayo’s “war paint” don’t intimidate me because butterflies aren’t afraid to bleed!”

What else will happen at this increasingly stacked show? Make sure you get out to Studio Z on Sunday, December 18th and check out www.czwrestling.com for all the details and ticket information

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