Former Stardom World Champion Yuu Ishino Comes Out As Transgender

Kagetsu (now Yuu Ishino)

Massive news from the world of Japanese wrestling as former World of Stardom Champion Yuu Ishino posted a video to YouTube announcing that he is transgender.  Ishino competed for Sendai Girls and Stardom during his career under the ring name Kagetsu, translator @golden_kuma has said that Ishino doesn’t want to use the Kagetsu name anymore.

Former Stardom Champion Yuu Ishino Announces Transition

During his in-ring career, Yuu Ishino wrestled from 2008 until 2020. He began as a trainee of Sendai Girls where he was a regular roster member until 2014. He competed as a freelancer after departing Sendai, regularly competing for OZ Academy, Pro Wrestling WAVE, Osaka Women’s Pro, and eventually Stardom. During his time in Stardom, he took over the leadership of Oedo Tai and transformed the group into a loveable collection of rebels that the fans couldn’t help but cheer. In 2018 he won the World of Stardom Championship and helped Stardom stabilize following the departures of Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai, Ishino was a perfect world champion as his popularity and in-ring abilities anchored the company as they attempted to make new stars to replace two of their biggest stars. Yu Ishino announced his retirement in December 0f 2019 and retired two months later at a produce show against his trainer Meiko Satomura.

In his YouTube video posted on May 13, Ishino announced his transition, and according to translator @heykarensensei announced that he has already undergone gender reassignment surgery.

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