Preview: Dragon Gate – Champion Gate 2022 in Osaka Day 1 and 2 (3/5/22 and 3/6/22)

Dragon Gate Champion Gate 2022
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Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling will be present two days of action from Edion Arena in Osaka as the yearly Champion Gate in Osaka takes place with every championship on the line. Champion Gate 2022 is the very first big event of the year for Dragon Gate, as they get a chance to set the tone for the rest of their year.

Dragon Gate – Champion Gate 2022 Day 1 (3/5/22)

Open The Brave Gate Championship: Dragon Dia [c] vs Takuma Fujiwara

Dragon Dia has been without a challenger since capturing the Open The Brave Gate Championship. It seemed for a while that this title was almost forgotten until Ryo Saito stepped in. The members of Dragon Gate’s future had a chance to become number one contender from the Open the Brave Gate Championship. In that match, we saw Takuma Fujiwara emerge victorious, practically dominating the match. Thus, Fujiwara earned a shot to win his first-ever championship.

Dragon Dia has been on an absolute tear since returning and becoming a double champion. However, Fujiwara is not to be taken lightly as he is like a supernova, one of the most impressive fast-rising rookies since SBKENTo. Fujiwara has all the tools to be one of the leaders of the company for years to come. He could start his rise to the top by pulling off the upset over Dia.

Open The Triangle Gate Championship: NATURAL VIBES (KZY, U-T, and Jacky ‘Funky’ Kamei) [c] vs GOLD CLASS (Kota Minoura, Naruki Doi, and Kaito Ishida)

KZY, U-T, and Jacky ‘Funky’ Kamei shocked the world when they won a one-day tournament to capture the vacant Open The Triangle Gate Championship. Soon after, they were confronted by Kaito Ishida, Naruki Doi, and Kota Minoura, who made a challenge for the Open The Triangle Gate Championships. KZY questioned why they didn’t enter the tournament. Ishida responded, saying they didn’t want to wrestle twice. The new champions eventually accepted the challenge.

At the February 3 event in Korakuen Hall, the challenging team revealed the name of their unit: GOLD CLASS. They added Minorita to their ranks, building momentum ahead of their Triangle Gate challenge. However, the champions have an equal amount of momentum with KZY and U-T becoming Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions. This is a hard match to predict. Will Natural Vibes continue their reign, or will GOLD CLASS bring the Triangle Gate belts home?

Dragon Gate – Champion Gate 2022 Day 2 (3/6/22)

Open The Twin Gate Championship: D’Courage (Dragon Dia and Yuki Yoshioka) [c] vs Z-Brats (H•Y•O and SBKENTo) vs Yosuke♡Santa Maria and Eita

Yuki Yoshioka and Dragon Dia defeated H•Y•O and SBKENTo to claim the Open The Twin Gate Championship back in January. Since then, they’ve been undefeated as a team, closing in on three months together. After their successful defense in Wakayama, the former champions made their challenge. H•Y•O and SBKENTo looked to take back their belts and the match was signed for Champion Gate in Osaka. However, plans would soon change.

On the January 3 Korakuen Hall show, Eita and Yosuke♡Santa Maria defeated SBKENTo and H•Y•O. Afterward, Z-Brats attacked Maria before Eita finally caved and saved Maria. After quite the erotic scene, Maria convinced Eita to challenge for a belt with her. Eita demanded she shouted what she wanted and she said the Twin Gate belts. This prompted D’Courage to accept, making this title match a threeway and one of the most unpredictable Twin Gate matches in recent memory.

Open The Dream Gate Championship: KAI [c] vs BIG BOSS Shimizu

Ryo Saito named BIG BOSS Shimizu the Dream Gate challenger for Champion Gate back in January. This set up a collision course with the winner of KAI versus Takashi Yoshida. KAI emerged victorious and the match was officially set. Despite Shimizu scoring wins over KAI and the rest of Z-Brats en route to their championship match, KAI did his best to keep poking the fun-loving bear that is Shimizu. Eventually, it all blew up in KAI’s face.

At the March 3 Korakuen Hall show, Shimizu snapped and took out KAI and Z-Brats with a chair. Shimizu showed aggression that hadn’t been seen in a long time, even trying to fight through his faction-mates pulling him off. This aggression might be the deciding factor of the match. Shimizu hasn’t challenged for the Dream Gate since 2018, and he knows these shots don’t come often. KAI’s attempts to get in Shimizu’s head might end up costing him the Open The Dream Gate Championship.

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