Dragon Gate News: New Champs, Berayals & More At New Years Gate 2022

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Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling found themselves with back-to-back nights at the illustrious Korakuen Hall continuing the Open The New Year Gate 2022 series while also commencing the #FinalBurstOut counting down the days until the retirement of K-Ness. These two days at Korakuen shook the company to its very core. General Manager, Ryo Saito announced back at the first show of the year going forward they will not announce cards. Unless it’s a championship match or matches that are made ahead of time. Except on day one at Korakuen the matches weren’t be announced, only be signaled by the entrance music. This led to absolute chaos on these two days.

Dragon Gate Shakeup Kicks off 2022

Shun Skywalker Leaves Masquerade, Joins R.E.D.

One of the big stories heading into the new year was the state of Masquerade due to the trust issues between Kota Minoura and Shun Skywalker. Shun had proven himself to be untrustworthy after sacrificing Dragon Dia, and then removing his own mask and tossing it at Minoura so he would get disqualified in their singles match at The Final Gate 2021. Jason Lee, Kota Minoura, and Shun Skywalker were defending the Open The Triangle Gate Championships as a part of the mystery card on January 12 card. Against former champions H•Y•O, Eita, and Kaito Ishida.

After a miscommunication Masquerade lost the Championships. Then Shun yelled at Minoura for an apology. Once Kota declined, Shun said Kota couldn’t be trusted and Masquerade was turning into a group that won’t look after each other’s backs. Before H•Y•O stepped up and offered Shun Skywalker a spot in R.E.D. that he accepted.

Eita and Kaito Ishida Banished From R.E.D.? A Ghost From Eita’s Past Provides Assistance

After H•Y•O brought Shun Skywalker into R.E.D. the animosity building between him,  Kaito Ishida and leader Eita took center stage. Eita and Ishida tried to kick out H•Y•O only to be jumped by the remaining R.E.D. members and Shun Skywalker. Before they were expelled from the group, or so we thought. As the next day, they showed up still in R.E.D. gear claiming they were really R.E.D. and those who turned on them were phonies. During Eita’s singles match with Yosuke ♡ Santa Maria he and Ishida were attacked by R.E.D. again! However, this time they made it out.

This was due to Maria covering up Eita before slapping the members of R.E.D. Asking them what were they doing to get Eita. Promising if they tried to continue to bully Eita she would be there to stop them. Going back to their days in The Millennials, Maria was born so she could be with the man she loves, that being Eita, as of now, there has been no comments from Eita on the situation. Will Eita finally embrace the love and let Maria aid him and Ishida in battle?

New Champions and A New Tag Team Sweeps Dragon Gate

As mentioned before the Open The Triangle Gate Championships changed hands, but due to the events after the match, they were declared vacant. Ryo Saito made SBKENTo defend the Open The Brave Gate Championship against a returning Dragon Dia after R.E.D chaos. With the help of the returning Yuki Yoshioka of all people, Dia was able to beat SBK! Becoming the new Open The Brave Gate Champion in the process. Then after the match, things got interesting.

Dia announced he was done with Masquerade, and he along with Yoshioka have agreed to form a team. They then made a challenge for the Open The Twin Gate Championships. The match was set for the second Korakuen show on the 13th, and the new tag team shocked the world. Yuki Yoshioka and Dragon Dia became Open The Twin Gate Champions! Marking Dia’s first reign with the belt, and Yoshioka’s first title win ever. Who will step up and oppose the new champions? More importantly, can anyone stop this new duo?

Naruki Doi’s Hopes and Dream Gate Challenges

Naruki Doi continued his campaign to get Kota Minoura to be the centerpiece of his new unit. Having Kota team with himself and Takashi Yoshida to face KAI, BxB Hulk, and Shun Skywalker. Yoshida pinned Open The Dream Gate Champion, KAI for the win, and Kota simply told Doi he doesn’t know his decision. However, the bigger news is Takashi Yoshida finally got his wish for a Dream Gate title match. However, it will not be at Champion’s Gate in Osaka.

As GM Saito told the two men he was naming BIG BOSS Shimizu the number one contender, as he feels he has improved and grown a lot. Upon making that announcement, Saito made the title match between KAI and Yoshida anyway for February 4, 2022 in Korakuen Hall. Will Yoshida finally be able to open the dream gate?

Final Burst Out

K-Ness is retiring on April 7, however, due to his medical issues he cannot compete before then. So GM, Ryo Saito came up with a way to give the fan’s a K-Ness memorial experience before his retirement match. On February 4, the legendary villain group from Toryumon Japan returns. M2K will reunite with its original members, with K-Ness’ old persona Darkness Dragon at ringside.

While on March 3 the beloved Jimmyz unit will reunite for one night only, with Jimmy K-ness J.K.S! by their side. K-Ness has been a huge part of Dragon Gate as one of the unsung heroes. Despite not being able to compete until his retirement match it’s great to see fans get the chance to hop in the K-Ness time machine along the way and relieve some of his favorite old runs.

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