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Top Rope Promotions makes their return to The Vault in New Bedford, Massachusetts on February 6 for a nice Sunday early evening show. TRP is an MA-based wrestling promotion that has a focus on running live shows over streaming. Their events can become available on physical media after they take place, but the best way to experience them is live and in-person if possible! TRP LIVE looks to be one of their best yet and the card is just simply stacked.

TRP LIVE (2/6/22) – Full Card

Elia Markopoulos vs Pat Garrett

Though the names of Elia Markopoulos and Pat Garrett may not be as well known outside of New England, they are both veterans on the scene; as such, this is going to be such an underrated match that might end up stealing the show. Both of these wrestlers can get the job done inside of that ring. Their match at TRP LIVE is going to come down to the mere fact of who will give up an inch first in order to be defeated.

Cesar Leo vs Swilly O’Brien

Cesar Leo won the Spindle City Rumble last year, but you can bet he still feels as if he has something to prove. Swilly O’Brien is a fan favorite who is slowly making his way up the rankings, so this is going to be a match between two wrestlers who are perhaps both equally as hungry with only one of them being able to eat. It is going to be a war in the most technical sense.

Matt Magnum vs Devils Reject

Matt Magnum had an interesting 2021 as he both won and lost the TRP Heavyweight Championship, with one of those matches taking place inside of a steel cage. Magnum must try and find his winning ways in order to get back into the title picture and what better way to do that than against Devils Reject, who is quite the opposition.

Brett Ryan Gosselin vs Channing Thomas

Whenever Brett Ryan Gosselin and Channing Thomas are in the same promotion, they are either tag team partners (such as Prestigious in Limitless Wrestling) or involved in a bitter feud against each other. Though Thomas recently made his debut for Wrestling Open, and was largely booed, he is as liked in TRP as BRG is disliked. This match should hopefully put whoever comes out with the win into the title picture.

Teddy Goodz vs JT Dunn

If there was ever to be a discussion about the best yet also most underrated (least talked about) wrestlers in New England, the list could very easily include both Teddy Goodz and JT Dunn. Though Goodz has become more of a well-known name thanks to Beyond Wrestling and JT Dunn is the current Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, it still feels as if both are not put in that same level of worldwide name-value other wrestlers can have but Teddy Goodz and JT Dunn most definitely deserve.

This will be a match where JT Dunn brings The Unit to TRP, as Trigga The O.G. will be in his corner, and as such, Dunn will likely be largely booed. Meanwhile, Teddy Goodz remains the perpetual crowd favorite anywhere he goes, as his energy is just so infectious. Aside from this being able to tell that classic “good guy vs bad guy” story inside of professional wrestling, this is just going to be an outstanding match because both of these wrestlers are capable of getting it done in between the ropes.

TRP Tag Team Championship: Waves And Curls (c) vs Miracle Generation

When discussing tag team wrestling in New England, two team names that should be coming up more are Waves And Curls and Miracle Generation. While Waves And Curls have been making a name for themselves all over New England, most recently appearing for Beyond Wrestling, Miracle Generation seem to be right on the cusp of that fame, as they made a similar appearance in Beyond Wrestling and are now a large part of Wrestling Open. While it looked as if Waves And Curls might win the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet in Beyond Wrestling (Uncharted Territory, Season 3) it was eventually won by Miracle Generation.

The way that these two teams have history without even facing each other adds an extra layer to what promises to be an exciting match between two of the best tag teams not only in New England but in the world today. Tag team wrestling is alive and well and these two teams are proof of that. This will be a huge tag team match and if you can’t make it to MA, it will be one you certainly want to go out of your way to find and watch back after it happens.

Masha Slamovich vs Little Mean Kathleen

While in Top Rope Pro, Little Mean Kathleen has largely spent the year of 2021 in a feud with B3CCA (though she did also have some great matches with Davienne as well) and as that seemingly came to an end with the year it was wondered what would be next for LMK. What a way to test LMK but by putting her up against Masha Slamovich, who has just left an absolute onslaught of brutality everywhere she has gone. From Beyond Wrestling to IMPACT Wrestling to a recent No Ring Death Match against Reed Bentley, Slamovich is just kicking ass and taking names.

But that isn’t to say that LMK should be taken lightly. Everything LMK has accomplished in the last year- not just in TRP but in general, from being in Beyond Wrestling to winning the Northeast Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship- should be taken as a serious threat to Masha Slamovich. LMK is not the one to be underestimated here and both of these wrestlers are going to bring the fight. Win or lose, both will come out of this match looking better for it.

TRP Heavyweight Championship: Nico Silva (c) vs Jora Johl

Nico Silva had a hell of a year in 2021, losing the TRP Heavyweight Championship to Matt Magnum and then reclaiming it. If there is any wrestling within TRP who is as loved as Silva, it is perhaps Jora Johl. This makes for an interesting match because it doesn’t present the “face vs heel” trope that most matches do, but it feels more like a super fight with two of not only the most liked wrestlers but two of the best overall wrestlers going at it for the biggest prize within the company. This is going to be a title match that is hard to top in TRP this year, but TRP LIVE seems to be setting the bar extremely high and should leave all fans excited for not only this show but what is to come for the rest of 2022!

Top Rope Promotions returns to New Bedford, MA with TRP LIVE on Sunday, February 6, 2022, at 5 PM. Tickets and further information can be found at

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