Preview: NXT UK (1/27/22) – Devlin vs. Dragunov, NXT UK Championship

Ilja Dragunov NXT UK Championship TakeOver 36
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Jordan Devlin will get his first shot at the NXT UK Championship since 2018 when he challenges Ilja Dragunov this week. Enjoy our NXT UK preview for the full rundown on what’s on the show. NXT UK will air on Peacock and the WWE Network at 3 PM ET/8 PM GMT.

NXT UK Announced Card (1/27/22)

  • NXT UK Championship Empty Arena Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Jordan Devlin
  • Six-Man Tag Match: Gallus vs. Die Familie 

Devlin vs. Dragunov in Empty Arena Match For NXT UK Championship

Ilja Dragunov fought against his personal demons to win the NXT UK Championship last year. He has since declared that he will defend the title for his family. 

This was all the information that Jordan Devlin needed to cajole Dragunov into defending the NXT UK Championship against him. Devlin claimed if the two met in the ring, he would make sure Dragunov’s young son would have to grow up looking after him. Devlin sees himself as the Ace of NXT UK and believes it’s his right to own the championship. 

“The Irish Ace” also claims it wouldn’t be an even match if Dragunov had the support of the fans in the BT Sport Studios. A challenge was made and accepted so we will now get Devlin vs. Dragunov in an empty arena match for the NXT UK Championship. 

Gallus Und Die Familie Meet

Teoman and Rohan Raja have been aggravated by Wolfgang and Joe and Mark Coffey for a few months now. The former team finally evened the playing field when Charlie Dempsey joined forces to form Die Familie. Dempsey even scored a one-on-one victory against Gallus top boy Joe Coffey. 

But this did little to put the Gallus lads off from messing with Teoman and Raja. A Gallus interference cost Teoman and Raja a win in their NXT UK No.1 Contender eliminator match.

Now, the six men will all finally meet in the ring to try and settle their score. 

Let’s Hope For Jinny vs. Amale

Jinny and Amale will definitely be thrashing out their feud in the NXT UK ring soon. Jinny resents Amale’s message of hope and her story of overcoming hardship. Amale, understandably, wants to show her that she means business. It is unconfirmed when this match will take place but this week seems a decent bet.

Maybe tweet NXT UK’s resident bookmaker and see what odds he’ll offer you. 

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