Preview: WWE Raw (1/17/22) – Lashley Responds to Lesnar

Bobby Lashley MVP WWE Raw
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WWE Monday Night Raw broadcasts tonight from the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The last time they were in said location, Braun Strowman won the Intercontinental Championship in January of 2020. Tonight, there doesn’t seem to be a title of any kind on the line. But there is fallout due to last week’s show en route to the Royal Rumble in 2 weeks. Due to the big NFL Wild Card playoff game between the Cardinals & Rams, it’s likely Raw will take it easy, knowing there is no way to win out the audience, especially after the NCAA Championship game last week left such a big dent. Here’s what’s been announced so far for WWE Raw, including Bobby Lashley addressing his Royal Rumble opponent, Brock Lesnar.

WWE Raw Preview (1/17/22) – Lashley, Lesnar, and More

Bobby Lashley Responds to Brock Lesnar’s Knock Knock Joke on Raw

A weird highlight from last week was, as Paul Heyman put it, “Brock Lesnar telling a knock-knock joke, I have seen it all.” Lesnar knocked Bobby Lashley for not reaching him sooner and as such, that made him irrelevant in his eyes. Lashley took his anger out on the well-placed recently fired members of the Hurt Business when Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander tried to attack him. The result was the same as last year as Lashley destroyed the two.

This week, on WWE Raw, Lashley looks to publicly respond to the criticism given by Lesnar. We’ve still not been given a promo exchange between the two big managers of the WWE in Paul Heyman & MVP. Could that possibly happen today, or will we still be forced to wait?

Becky Lynch Reacts to Doudrop’s Win

Due to “Big Time Becks'” own machinations, Doudrop was able to win the main event 3-way match to earn the right to challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. Becky Lynch tried to extend her hand for her new foe but immediately attacked; this had no effect on the more imposing Doudrop. The show ended with Lynch perplexed while her new rival stared her down.

This week, Becky Lynch looks to somehow respond to her new challenger. This can mean one of so many things that WWE can pull out of the bag of tropes.

RK-Bro Will Try To Rebound

Last week, Alpha Academy defeated RK-Bro to win the Raw Tag Team Championship. This was a big accomplishment, as not only did they win the titles, but Otis pinned 14x world champion Randy Orton completely clean. After weeks of Orton berating his tag team partner, Riddle, for trying too hard to showboat and not letting Orton do what he knows he can do, it was “The Viper” himself that didn’t just lose the match but the titles the duo held since August.

This week, we’ll see how the duo will try to bounce back. Will they try to wrestle a tag team match? A singles match? Will they go straight for the rematch, or try to talk things out? I think the biggest question has to be when the split happens. We know it’s been coming since these two first started working together in the spring of last year.

Still A Superhero? Or Something Else?

Last week, on Monday Night Raw, Nikki A.S.H. betrayed Rhea Ripley and viciously attacked her. She proclaimed that “Almost Superheroes don’t need friends.” The big question coming out of this is, what will we see from Nikki? Will she continue to be “Almost a Superhero,” or go dark? Will she shed that identity for a new look, or perhaps revert to Nikki Cross?

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