Match Point: HAYATA vs Daisuke Harada, NOAH N-Innovation (1/10/22)

HAYATA Daisuke Harada NOAH N-Innovation
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At Pro Wrestling NOAH’s N-Innovation DAY 3 event, Daisuke Harada once again challenges HAYATA for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. Harada earned this championship match on the first day of N-Innovation action. At this event, a battle royal took place to determine who would be the next challenger for HAYATA’s GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. Harada won the match and earned his shot, following that up by winning the U-Cup on the second day of action, doing so alongside Atsushi Kotoge, Hajime Ohara, and Junta Miyawaki.

Both men have a deep history going back to the RATELS faction, where they fought alongside each other for the better part of three years. Eventually, HAYATA was the one that officially ended the unit by betraying the group yet again to join STINGER. This lit a fire in Daisuke Harada, and despite the other members eventually parting ways from him, Harada swore revenge on HAYATA.

HAYATA vs Daisuke Harada – What to Know

Standing In The Way of History

During this reign as GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, thus far, HAYATA has successfully defended the championship nine times. He is chasing the record set by Taiji Ishimori, who defended the championship ten times successfully before losing it. If he wins against Daisuke Harada, he will have tied the record, but it’s truly a tough draw. The man that stands in the way of HAYATA and history isn’t just a former ally and the number one contender. Daisuke Harada is the standard barrier for the Pro Wrestling NOAH junior division.

If anyone is going to be able to stop HAYATA from reaching that accolade, it’s the proverbial junior ace. However, as great as Harada is, he did lose to HAYATA already during this championship reign. With this in mind, it has become a matter of HAYATA knowing he can beat Harada, while Harada thinking he can beat HAYATA. Will HAYATA tie the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship defense record? Or will his reign come crashing down?

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