Butch vs Gore Rebrands As Pro Wrestling VIBE

Pro Wrestling VIBE
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On Monday night, Butch vs Gore announced it was rebranding and was now going to be known as Pro Wrestling VIBE going forward. The promotion is owned by indie wrestler and promoter Billy Dixon, with Lolo McGrath still working alongside. Butch vs Gore was initially launched by the duo in 2020, debuting this past March with the fantastic Cassandro Cup tournament on IndieWrestling.tv (IWTV), which saw Edith Surreal win the trophy. The Cassandro Cup, named after the legendary Mexican-American exótico, was contested between some of the top names in the LGBTQIA+ wrestling community. “Sugar Dunkerton told me that the shows I created a vibe and that’s really hard to create in wrestling,” Billy Dixon told us about the name change. “I think after further reflection, that’s true. I owe him a royalty check.”

“I changed the name because it was time for an overhaul for the future, and our future is looking really bright,” he continued. “The goal of PWV is to be the Studio 54, the Escuelitas, the CBGB of wrestling: it’s an environment that’s unique and you wanna come. We have good wrestling here, but to create that folklore, that energy about a promotion and a time is my main goal.” Butch vs Gore was one of the most inclusive promotions in pro wrestling, and that’s something VIBE will definitely continue. “Pro Wrestling VIBE is open to all who want to wrestle, work, or enjoy.” Another aspect of VIBE will be carrying on the popular Paris Is Bumping series that Dixon has produced in the past year, starting with the first one in October of last year, and the follow-up, Paris Is Bumping: Solid Gold ’21 this past August.

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